WWE’s Main Roster Not The Same Anymore

by Alex Slowes | Apr 29, 2021 | General | 0 comments

For over the past decade or so WWE has made the main brand shows Raw and Smackdown look strong in the ratings. If you compare WWE main brand ratings now from 6 years ago it’s not the same. WWE has struggled time and time again to captivate and pull in audiences. This is due to talent not having enough star power or creative freedom. WWE simply wants things done by the book on their terms and it has talent left feeling controlled and micromanaged. WWE for a long time was the number one company because of the standard that performers could have some creative involvement but now in today’s world of wrestling that has changed with limits on what WWE stars can and can’t do. For that reason storylines have become too widely kid friendly and what once was a community of hardcore WWE fans has now been erased. These fans have either lost interest all together in wrestling or moved on to a better open minded product such as All Elite Wrestling. For WWE their story does not end and is still the most known company out there but can’t make a big enough impact like they used to. If WWE would go back to their old ways it would save their product for fan interest. It all depends solely on the company itself.
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