WWE PPV Taking Place At Their Headquarters?!?

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After months of build up for Wrestlemania, the Road to Wrestlemania has come to an end. We have Braun Strowman as the new Universal Champion, which still does not feel real to me. We all know he is just holding it just to drop it to his next competitor. Charlotte Flair, for some reason, becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion? Becky Lynch retaining her Raw Women’s Championship and burying Baszler? This shows the WWE will never push any other female talent unless they are Becky or Charlotte. There was an interesting yet cinematic “Boneyard” and “Firefly Fun House” match and a new WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. I wish he was able to celebrate his victory in front of thousands of fans, but COVID-19 wants to ruin his moment as well as my life.
The next Pay-Per-View the WWE is holding is one of my favorites, MONEY IN THE BANK! Money in the Bank is an exciting ladder match full of spots that gives mid carders the chance to elevate their WWE careers to the next level (if they win). This year, instead of the usual multi person ladder match, WWE decided to have this event at their corporate headquarters. The promotion for this event has all WWE Superstars affiliated in the Money In The Bank match. The wrestlers start from the bottom floor of the corporate office and work their way up to the roof of the building, where there is a ring with the briefcase hanging above for the superstars to retrieve. When I heard the news, my first reaction was, “this is really stupid”. Why would WWE want to hold one of their most exciting PPV’s in a corporate office? This PPV could go two ways: it is either going to be terrible or hopefully exceed my expectations. With the “Money In The Bank” match being in the office, I wonder if the rest of the normal matches will be in the office, pre- recorded at the Performance Center, or on the ring which is outside on top of the building. I hope they have the talent wrestle on top of the office because that would be extremely interesting to see wrestlers fighting on the roof of a building!
Although I am puzzled on their decision, I am interested in how the WWE will deliver with this event. Will it be cinematic like the “Boneyard” and “Firefly Fun House” matches? Will it just be like a backstage brawl match Orton and Edge had at Wrestlemania? Do they really plan on trashing the whole office? Do they plan to have the championship singles and tag team matches there as well? I guess all our questions will be answered on May 10th on the WWE Network.
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