Wrestling Free Agents

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The wrestling world had has free agents just like every other sports. One of the hottest free agents on the market former Ring of Honor superstar Marty Scurll, just made a appearance on NWA In to the Fire. This gives us reasons to believe that he say sign some kinda of contract with them. The next big out there is former Impact Wrestling superstar Killer Kross, was granted his release from his contract last week. Just two days ago that Killer Kross has signed with MLW (Major Legend Wrestling). These are to big name superstars that have found great companies to work for. Marty Scurll is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He is a household name and can boost merchandise sales, ticket sales, most of all bring eyes to a new product. Killer Kross is a strong wrestler, known for his wild antics in the ring and hardcore style. He can change the way you book a show. You can also build him to be your top star and your champion. Both NWA and MLW are great fantastic workers for there companies.
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