Will the 24-team playoff return post COVID?

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The NHL announced that in wake of the regular season being disrupted by COVID-19 that they will be using a 24-team playoff when play resumes.

Will we see this playoffformat after this year?

I think that A lot of revenue stands to be made by the NHL with the adoption of this playoff format and for that reason I believe that this format could return in the future.

This format has many similarities to the NCAA’s March Madness which is a revenue generating machine.
I believe that the 24-team playoff will generate more revenue for the NHL because of the increased amount of playoff games. With more games, there’s more viewership. With more viewership, there’s more advertising. With more advertising, there’s more revenue generated. This playoff format could potentially make the NHL so much money that they return to this format in the future.
In addition to the league making more money from this format, the fans also stand to benefit. It’sno secret that playoff hockey is more exciting than any regular-season game. The 24-team format brings more playoff games to the fans.
This playoff format could very easily return in the future. It could possibly make the league agreat deal of money and become a fan favorite.
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