Will Khabib vs. Ferguson ever happen?

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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson is the UFC super fight that we may never see. When their fight set for the original main event for UFC 249 fell through, that was the fifth time that the lightweight match fell through. Khabib vs. Ferguson is regarded as what could be the biggest fight in the history of the UFC, this is even more true today then it was a few years ago. Not only do both fighters have impressive win streaks on the line with Khabib being undefeated at 28-0 and tony winning 12 straight, but this fight will unify the Lightweight titles. A unification fight that the Lightweight division desperately needs. Ferguson won the interim championship by defeating Kevin Lee in October 2017, then Khabib vs. Ferguson was booked for the unification fight. Unfortunately, Ferguson tore his ACL before the fight and that fight fell by the way side. Then Khabib won the Lightweight championship in April 2018 by defeating Al Iaquinta. Then in 2018 Khabib got suspended for several months when he jumped the cage to attack Conor McGregor’s coaches after that fight. So, there was an interim title fight between max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier, which Poirier won. Then after suspension Khabib came back to retain his title against Poirier. So, there is a need for this is a fight that needs to happens and it seemed that it was actually going to happen at UFC 249. Then the world started to shut down and Khabib got stuck in Russia and the main event of UFC 249 became Ferguson vs. Gaethje. If Gaethje wins the fight on May 9th then he gets the next shot at Khabib, not Ferguson.
With the possibility of Gaethje winning the Interim Lightweight Championship at UFC 249, that could shut the door on Khabib vs. Ferguson forever. Not only will a loss at UFC 249 will take Ferguson out of the title picture for now, but there is a lot of talk that when or if Khabib gets to a record of 30-0 he will retire from MMA. If the fight is for the Lightweight title or not, 30-0 is just two fights away for Khabib. For the sake of this argument let’s say that on May 9th Justin Gaethje goes in to the octagon in the main event and knocks out Tony Ferguson. That will drop Ferguson out of the #1 lightweight spot, with his record I would say that he would have to at least win two fights in a row to get back in the title picture. With training camps and recovery time factored in there, I’d say it’ll be close to a year in a half if not more before Ferguson is close to having another title shot. If it was any other fighter then Tony Ferguson, I’d say it be much longer. Fast forward two years Ferguson gets back to the #1 contender spot, but oh wait Khabib gets his 30-0 record, gives the belt back to Dana White and rides off in the sunset back to Dagestan undefeated in his professional MMA career. And we never get Ferguson and Khabib. But of course this all speculation and there’s no telling what the future has is store.
Still there is a high chance that when the Lightweight title gets unified it will not be Ferguson vs. Khabib that will unify the titles. It would be a shame if we never saw the fight between Khabib. Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson will be an Erath shaking, bone shattering, box office breaking mega fight that the UFC needs to happen. we are talking a sold-out area, massive PPV buys, and probably the most hype for a fight in the UFC history. though all parties involved want this fight to happen, if I was a betting man I would put my money on this fight never happening.
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