“Why Golden Boy Promotions Is Ruining Boxing”

by Errol Marks | Nov 20, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Oscar De La Hoya for years dominated boxing with his good looks and charm, while winning championships in six different weight classes. As a fighter he was known for his Mexican style fighting and won a gold medal in the olympics for the United States and became one of the most beloved fighters in his era. But nothing would change what he has done to boxing since he has retired in 2008. After he retired Oscar really wanted to push his company Golden Boy Promotions, signing one of the biggest upcoming fighters in boxing Canelo Alvarez. Since the time he sign Canelo he has help pick and choose the fights for him, that has protected Alvarez from falling off the best pound for pound list in the last 5 years. Since that time Canelo has fought the likes of James Kirkland, Rocky Fielding, Liam Smith, Amir Khan and a washed up Miguel Cotto.

Oscar has been feeding garbage fighter after garbage fighter to Alvarez to protect his record so he could get him his big pay day. Over the last 3 years Oscar has not only made Canelo the richest man in boxing, he also has robbed boxing the chance to see some of the greatest fights boxing has ever seen. On September 2017 the fans finally got the fight they always wanted to see GGG vs Alvarez in Vegas in front of a sold T-mobile arena. The fight was everything we expected, GGG dominated the last 6 rounds of the fight and look like he was going to dethrone Alvarez as the prince of boxing. As the card was about to be read everyone and there mother thought GGG was the winner of the fight, but with a shock to the boxing world the fight scores came out to a draw. As everyone in the boxing world realized GGG was robbed, stories were coming out that the boxing commission was suspending Adalaide Byrd for her controversial card score for the fight. We as boxing fans know that boxing has been crooked since the beginning of time and many believe Del La Hoya was behind it. A few weeks after the fight a story came out that Alvarez was tested for steroids and again Oscar found a way to keep him from being suspended for a significant amount of time. The build up for GGG vs Alvarez 2 was huge, and became one of the biggest box office Draws in boxing history. The boxing world was not surprised that the fight had a similar outcome in the end of fight two. This time there was no draw they decided to rip GGG heart out one last time by giving the win on two of the three cards to Alvarez.

Del La Hoya not only has hurt boxing but has made boxing a mockery, by picking and choosing garbage fights for Canelo he has taken away the reason we watch prize fighting. I believe we will never see a GGG vs Alvarez 3 because Del La Hoya is too chicken to watch his Golden Boy get knock off a third time in 3 years. I believe that until boxing get rid of promoters like Oscar Del La Hoya, it will never get back to the times when boxing was on top of the fighting world.

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