Who’s To Blame for the Jets’ Offensive Struggles

by John Pagnotta | Nov 22, 2023 | General | 0 comments

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Watching the Jets lose another game without scoring a touchdown was very painful for Jets fans to watch. The Raiders’ and Chargers’ defenses aren’t horrendous, but scoring 18 points in two games (on 6 FG by Greg Zuerlein) is completely unacceptable. The game on Sunday against the Raiders was a very winnable one, especially when they had multiple drives in the red zone throughout the night. The blame game is being placed on QB Zach Wilson, who has struggled to convert touchdowns and has nearly a 1:2 TD to TO ratio. However, he had a solid game against the Raiders, having over 300 scrimmage yards. However, Robert Saleh made a good point that it is “too lazy to blame just the quarterback” on the offensive struggles. So, who should truly be blamed for these struggles if it isn’t just Zach? These factors should also weigh in…
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Nathaniel Hackett

Nathaniel Hackett is definitely a factor for the red zone struggles of the offense. When you can’t score a touchdown for 36 consecutive drives, that is a serious problem that falls into the QB and the play caller. There have been some truly questionable play calls throughout the year, including on Sunday when the Jets predictably ran the ball on 2nd & 1 AND 3rd & 1. Even Rodgers didn’t like the call, as there are clips of him shaking his head after Hackett announces the run. In addition, the Jets have run the ball on back-to-back plays WAY too much to set up a 3rd & 8 or 3rd & 6. This also leads to the end of many drives, as the Jets are dead last in 3rd down conversion percentage (25%). The red zone play calling is also horrendous, as NY has
one of the lowest touchdown rates in the entire league. Furthermore, the offense is way too conservative as on many drives, they start as run-run-pass. That concept won’t work every single drive. Wilson showed several times in the Raiders game (and the Giants’ game) that he has a cannon when he can unleash the ball deep. Hackett has to adjust his playcalling and let Zach take control of several drives if he gets into a rhythm.

Allen Lazard

The Jets signed Allen Lazard to a 4 year, $44M contract after a solid season with the Packers. Their goal in signing him was to improve the Jets’ WR depth and for Lazard to be a No. 2 WR alongside Garrett Wilson. So far, Lazard has been nothing but a bust throughout the first 9 games: 20 catches, 40 targets, 290 yds, 1 TD. The stats aren’t great, but his drops and terrible penalties make his case way worse. He has one of the highest drop rates in the league among receivers (7.5%) and has killed several drives with flags. It looked like he also gave up on a throw in the Raiders game that fell incomplete and he was the target for Wilson’s pick at the end of the game. Overall, Lazard has been harming the offense way more than he has helped it. Let’s hope that changes quickly.
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Offensive line

The offensive line has massively struggled with inconsistency, penalties, and injuries for the Jets. When Rodgers got sacked on his first drive, it showed a trend that was going to last. Injuries have definitely been an issue, as losing Duane Brown, Connor McGovern, Alijah Vera-Tucker, and Wes Schewitzer have forced guys such as Xavier Newman and Max Mitchell to play important roles. However, Zach Wilson has run for his life through several games this season (The Cowboys and Chargers are two examples). In addition, the o-line has given up 33 sacks, including 21 in a four game stretch. It showed progress in the Raiders game, as Zach only got sacked twice. Penalties have also killed many drives that the Jets have had throughout the season, including several early ones in the Raiders game. Hopefully, the line can become more disciplined and continue their momentum of protecting Wilson.
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