Who will prevail at NXT Takeover – Stand and Deliver

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On Last Weeks NXT it was announced that NXT champion Finn Balor will defend his title at NXT Takeover against Karrion Cross. Finn balor has held the NXT championship for 194 days currently and has beaten the likes of Adam Cole and Kyle O Reilly. The Challenger Karrion Cross has made it perfectly clear that he will do whatever is necessary to win the title he never lost due to a shoulder injury that put him out of action. Make no mistake about it Finn balor is without a doubt one of the Best Performers NXT has to offer and will not go down without a fight but The clock is running out for Finn balor who will soon face maybe his toughest opponent yet. Karrion Cross Is a destructive force in the ring and brings brutality and violence in the squared circle. We all know that Kross has the doomsday pseudo and the Rear naked choke that he can put on balor at any point. Balor will use the apron, the ropes, and the turnbuckles for pinpoint accuracy on a move or strike so I believe the fans are looking at a huge blockbuster match because it won’t be for the faint hearted and anything can happen.
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