Which Bullet Club is More Unique? NJPWs or AEWs?

by | Feb 23, 2021 | General | 0 comments

The bullet club has been around for as long as I can Remember. With AEW introducing the good brothers Doc Gallows and Carl Anderson to pair them up with Kenny Omega adds another question into the mix. Which bullet club is better? Jay white and Evil of NJPW claim to be the leaders of The Bullet club but it’s never been addressed or decided as to who runs the place over in Japan. To me as a wrestling fan and as a person who’s watched New Japan more I would say that Their bullet club is more unique and fun to watch because they have already an established group. This group already has some sense of popularity and AEWs bullet club is just getting started but it doesn’t take away from thier talents in the ring. Both sides of the bullet club have unmatched skill and power when it comes to performances. Only time will tell when AEWs bullet club will come face to face with NJPWs now that there is a partnership in place but when it does happen it will be amazing to see what takes place creatively and who gets the upper hand.
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