What will Sports Look Like going forward?

by Anthony Cavarretta | Jun 1, 2020 | General | 0 comments

The world of pro sports was changed ever since a sad week in march when all pro sports leagues in a matter of weeks shut down across the world. The first big domino to fall was the NBA suspending the season. Followed by the NHL and every other league responded by shutting down. This was a necessary step to adapt or take time for safety and to protect their players. Some companies kept trucking on with programming such as pro wrestling. But most sports leagues are trying to figure out a plan to finish their season’s safety.
Which brings up a big question of how will sports look after corona? That depends on how or if the leagues elect to finish their season. Each pro sports league is taking the time to figure out how to bring sports back any way they can. Each league needs to find a way to keep all players and personnel safe while putting up a good product for the fans. If that means watching at home or hopefully someday back in arenas.
There has been a lot of progress over time in quarantine to get sports back. The way most leagues see themselves coming back is in so-called hub cities or hub venues. This is when a league will have games in one place rather than having teams travel. This is to keep teams and personnel safe this is a big step as both the NHL and the NBA would like to return. In the case of the NHL, they will have two hub cities in their return to play plan one for each conference. The NBA will have one location which most likely will be Walt Disney world’s worldwide sports complex which has a total of 32 courts for teams to practice and play on.
Along with both leagues using hub cities, they will have to keep records of player’s health and monitoring them for any signs of corona just to keep them safe. Along with keeping players and their families isolated from other players. This will be the main focus along with giving them face protection during games and making sure everything a player uses is sanitized before and after every game or if possible, every quarter. This is what every sports league should consider bringing sports back even if some sports like baseball are having a hard time figuring out how to come back.
No matter what the plans are, there will be no fans in attendance for any sporting event until 2021. This is a long time but that these leagues must keep players safe. They will have to keep the players and fan contact to a minimum. Fans will have to settle for seeing their favorite players on tv or listen to them on the radio for the foreseeable future. Fans may not like it but sports will come back it will look incredibly different with no fan, no cheering sports but in the end, we will have sports.
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