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(Rematch of the 2020 Super Bowl)

For some so-called “experts”, this Super Bowl match-up between the 49ers and the Chiefs comes as a surprise, but not to me.

Since September, the week after Miami crushed Denver and put up 70 points, Philly started great, and Baltimore looked good, I made one prediction; Niners – Chiefs Super Bowl. There was no evidence throughout this season that could have changed my mind in the least.

Yes, Mahomes and his guys were making hard work of the regular season dropping passes like it was a hot potato, but only an idiot thought they weren’t going to be here today.

(QB sensation Patrick Mahomes)

As for the NFC, name a team that was better than San Francisco, I’ll wait. No team has the depth and quality plus experience that the Niners possess. People talk about Philly, but one injury to Lane Johnson and the season was derailed. Dallas? Ha! Check, please! Detroit? They were boys who got too big for their bridges.

(Brandon Aiyuk making THAT catch that changed the game)

The AFC was much more competitive, yes, but I’ll be honest and will contest this with anyone, Baltimore made it to the Championship game because Joe Burrow was injured. If he was fit, certain teams would go in at a different seeing and Baltimore would crumble as they always do under Lamar Jackson. I hoped that Buffalo could’ve ended Mahomes but again they fell to the best team in the league.

This upcoming Super Bowl will be close by only the scoreline. I would love for the Niners to win and take the trophy back to the NFC, but as a realist, that defense isn’t enough to stop Mr. Mahomes.

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