The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

Take our Weekly Trivia Quiz and get a chance to be part of a Weekly Raffle for some cool Prizes! The quiz changes each week and every person is only allowed 1 Chance to take it!

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The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

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What quarterback holds the record for most career passing yards in the FBS?

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Michael Jordan has 6 NBA Finals MVPs, most all time. Who is second all time, with 4?

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What pitcher holds the live ball era single season record for most strikeouts in a season with 383?

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What men’s tennis player won 8 Wimbledon titles in 9 years from 1992-2000?

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Which successful NFL quarterback also is the all-time FCS leader in passing yards per game, career passing yards, and passing yards in a season?

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Which of these golfers did NOT win all 4 majors?

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The only player to have 3 career 50-point games in the NCAA tournament played for what school?

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