The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

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The New York Minute Trivia Prize Game

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Name the men’s tennis player who won 3 straight US open championships from 1979-1981

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What team only scored a safety in the BCS National Championship as their only points, losing 13-2 to Oklahoma in 2000?

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Name the golfer that shocked people by winning the 2003 Open Championship ranked #396 in the world.

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Name the American brothers that won, respectively, 18 and 16 doubles championships

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Who holds the single season record for most rushing yards in a season, with 2,628 yards in 1988?

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Largest blowout in Super Bowl history?

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Whose .393 batting average in 1994 was the highest in a single season in the last 50 years?

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