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(The Warriors players at the Championship Parade)
After two convincing close-out games against the Boston Celtics, the Golden State Warriors lifted their 4th trophy in the last 8 years, reviving the dynasty after a 2-year drought. The Warriors are back at the top of the NBA pyramid, some saying that is where they belong.

However, one still wonders what could have been if Jordan Poole did not twist Ja Morant’s knee earlier in their title run. Would they even be the topic of conversation? Would Steph Curry be touted as the great he is now rather than what he was?

(FROM LEFT: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry)
Steph Curry albeit is one of the best distance shooters of all time, but not winning this would have more of a negative effect than positive. Could he carry this team with an aging Draymond and an out-of-form Klay? Was it all Durant? Well, first off that’s a no.

Curry, even though wasn’t the MVP before now, was more influential and important than Durant in those championships. Carrying a team was always the worry with Stephen and right now all critics have been silenced.

(Stephen Curry hitting the ‘Night Night’)
This is Steph’s first Finals MVP award cementing him as one of the better players of this generation, creating the narrative “best shooting guard of all time”. For me, with a game on the line, I’d still put the ball in the hands of Ray Allen.

Ranking all-time greats, the top 5 [MJ, Magic, Kareem, Kobe, LeBron] are untouchable and apart from 3-point shooting, it is hard for Steph to even be a top 10 of all-time. Night night.

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