We Fam Organization Baseball Clinic Live From Allstars Sportsplex In Altamonte Springs Florida

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The We Fam Organization invited me to cover there baseball clinic at Allstars Sportsplex in Altamonte Springs Florida with coaches Jahmon Taylor and Rickie Weeks Sr. This was from 10:30-12:30 as Mr. Weeks spoke to all of their players before the practice started. They help out everyone in all age ranges to become the best athletes and baseball players now. It gets them ready when showing their talent in front of a scout or college recruit. The Weeks family does a fantastic job of giving out important techniques, instructions and motivation to their players which will have them gain more confidence.

Coach Jahmon Taylor and Rickie Weeks Sr had them do warm up runs, ladder drills to start of with. Then they went into infield drills, back hand drills, making sure to have good footwork, throwing it to first base, getting to the ball, hustling and helping out teammates. Last all their players were practicing the hitting, taking swings, Taylor and Weeks made sure they were using the right follow thru when swinging a bat. These players are committed to learning, trying to get better as an athlete and become a leader/role model for everyone. It’s all about being focused, having the right mindset and believing in yourself at all times.

About We Fam

It is a non-profit organization based out of Orlando, Florida with a clear mission of changing the narrative of our underserved youth. To accomplish this mission, they provide an elite Afterschool baseball and softball program titled “The Weeks Experience.” They also have an intense passion to remove barriers for fathers and encourage healthy relationships with their children, family, and community. Check out the sign up links for our Afterschool Program and enjoy a video below by our Executive Director, Jemile Weeks, and legal professionals to learn more about our Fathers Initiative, located here in Central Florida.

We Fam are calling on all youth from ages 7-15 to come be a part of a one-of-a-kind baseball and softball program like no other. To their parents, The Weeks Experience (TWE) is exactly the right program your child needs if they are looking, of if you are looking for a way for them to not only improve their baseball skills, but also improve their life skills as well. With highly-qualified Major League Baseball (MLB) trainers, an elite coaching staff, and strategic character building exercises, The Weeks Experience will definitely help them on their way towards becoming individuals on, and off the field.

After yesterday’s practice, I was able to interview Jahmon Taylor, Rickie Weeks Sr and Sebastian Morillo who was one of the players. They spoke highly of We Fam, how they started this organization, helping out the youth, Sebastian learning from the Weeks family and Jahmon Taylor. Everyone please go follow them now as they do an amazing job with their Non Profit and looking forward to helping out more.

Here is the interview with Jahmon Taylor, Rickie Weeks Sr and Sebastian Morillo live at Allstars Sportsplex in Altamonte Springs Florida

Sebastian Morillo’s Video Reel
Highlights from yesterday’s event

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