Three biggest losers of the 2020 NFL Draft

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After taking a look at the three biggest winners of the NFL Draft, it’s time to examine who were the biggest losers of the draft. Teams that maybe will regret certain picks or just didn’t have the board fall in their favor. We start this list off in Philly.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles shocked the world when they picked Jaylen Hurts in the second round, perking everyone’s ears about the future of Carson Wentz. The Eagles can say they want to use Hurts as a gadget type player for the offense, but the problem is they picked him in the second-round. Quarterbacks taken that early usually start at some point. The pick of Jaelen Reagor over Justin Jefferson was baffling in of itself, but the Hurts pick will hang with the franchise for a long time. With Wentz’s injury history, the question is do the Eagles have faith in Wentz? The guy who was largely responsible for their 2017 regular season and was an MVP candidate. The guy who was responsible for leading the team to the postseason in 2019 with injuries all around him on offense. The same quarterback they paid a lot of money to just one offseason ago. The Eagles are in a position that many will be watching.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are here because of the fact they had four draft picks in total. Cesar Ruiz was a decent pick but doesn’t necessarily fill a big need. They were left out of the entire second-round before taking linebacker Zack Baun and tight end Adam Trautman. New Orleans again got left off the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounds before taking quarterback Tommy Stevens in the 7th. The Saints draft was uneventful at best.

New England Patriots

The Patriots was an odd one to say the least. They needed offensive talent in the worst way, and their response to that was trading out of the first-round and then selecting thee defensive players in a row in safety Kyle Dugger, defensive end Josh Uche, and linebacker Anfernee Jennings. The Patriots defense was already pretty good, so it’s good to add some young talent and continue to maintain the success, but to do it at the expense of an offense that badly needs assistance is not ideal. The Patriots then picked tight end back-to-back with the selections of Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene.

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