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(Rick Carlisle arguing with the referee)
It has been the most consistent thing in all sports this season, and that is the officiating. In England, they are planning to have a vote on whether to keep using the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) come next season.

The officiating in the NBA playoffs this season, particularly in the Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks series, the refs have been a bit embarrassing. The rewards the Knicks players such as Donte DiVincenzo, Isiah Hartenstein, and Josh Hart get from playing rough are laughable. Pushing Tyrese Haliburton in the back, knocking Myles Turner, and some easily missed swipes the Knicks take at the Pacers is a shot at the integrity of the league.

(A key no call)
Coach Rick Carlisle has spoken out about the poor officiating saying “Small-market teams deserve an equal shot.” This has not just happened to the Pacers, but to the 76ers as well where the Knicks again had favourable calls go their way.

At this point, the referees aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The Knicks have been poor this postseason apart from Jalen Brunson where this series, if called fairly, would be 3-2 to the Pacers.

It seems to only happen in the Eastern Conference as well like the “script” is real. Maybe there is a story that I am not seeing but this needs to be addressed.

By the time this is read, there could be Game 7 or the Knicks could be raring to go against the Celtics in the ECF, but one thing is for sure the Leprechauns are stronger than the refs.

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