The NFL is not having a full season in 2020

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The NFL season is my favorite time of the year, I look forward to it more than Christmas, more than summer vacation and even more than my birthday. There is nothing else in this world that I putt more attention and energy into for almost five months a year than the NFL regular season. In this year of 2020 where the world has been putt in shambles; now as we enter the second half of the year and things are begging to reopen and start up again, but this die-hard football fan does not see the NFL playing a full sixteen game season starting in September.

As the COVID-19 infection curve flattens in the United States sports leagues such as the NBA and MLB have started up training camps to continue their seasons. Though in the efforts to restart or just finish the season many players though out these different leagues have contracted COVID-19, including 31 MLB players and 25 NBA players. Not only has 56 athletes from two leagues that are restarting have gotten the virus, but during the offseason many NFL players and staffers have come down with the Coronavirus. In June it was reported that nearly half the players from both the Houston Texas and Dallas Cowboys came down with the virus. Though many players did not experience the full extent of what the virus van do to a person, probably due to the fact that these people are professional athletes and their general health is higher than the average person. Even though these athletes get the virus and two weeks later their feeling better, there is still a public health concern of the virus spreading. There is a possibility that during the season one person on a team gets the virus and the whole team gets and they have to cancel that week’s game.

Now I’m not saying to delay the season, I would love to see a full season. Though I can just see with the continual number of pro athletes contracting the virus and with how the politics of the sport business works. There is a lot of variables that can come in play by the end of August that could affect the plan for the season. The league officials could decide that the season is not worth the potential health risk to the players. The team owners could vote not to postpone the season on the same grounds that the league office would, or the players association could decide that it won’t be worth the risk to play a full season. Now all of this is speculation and it doesn’t seem that the NFL are currently planning to postpone the season. Right now, the NFL are taking precaution, such as no organized team activities, players are not allowed to workout in groups, and team meetings have been conducted over zoom. The league is taking these measures in an effort to proceed with the season as originally planned.

And why wouldn’t the league want to go through with the season considering what an exciting offseason that happened. The G.O.A.T left the dynasty in Foxborough to start a new in the red and pewter down in Tampa Bay. Philip Rivers getting out of LA and moving to Indy and Teddy Bridgewater replacing Cam Newton in Charlotte. The Jaguars dumped Nick Floes $80 million contract on Chicago and put MinshewMania at the helm. After an exciting free agency came an exciting draft with Joe Burrow become the face of the Bengals, Miami drafted the Lefty from Oahu, and Green Bay shocking everyone by drafting QB Jordan Love while they Still have Arron Rodgers. I’m sure excited to see how my boys in the Motor City do this season after reinforcing their defense in the offseason and Matthew Stafford coming back from his broken back last season. There is a lot to look forward to for the upcoming season and there is a lot to keep an eye out for as the COVID situation continues.

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