The NCAA Is Dead

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With the sports world in limbo and with league returns being forced to a single location in these hub and bubble locations. The way sports are played is changed forever, and this will kill the NCAA.

The NCAA has not said much about how all sports will be played in the fall semester of 2020. Which is not a good sign as we inch closer to the start of the fall semester for most universities. With the prospect of COVID-19 spiking again in the fall how will this affect the NCAA? Unlike all the professional sports leagues across the world, there is no logical way for teams to play in a specific location the NCAA is a collection of thousands of schools under one banner. To get each division and each sport to move to a single location to play a season’s worth of games is impossible.

The NCAA would not only have to get consent from the parents of each of the athletes but they would also have to get the schools to agree upon moving their students for an extended period. The schools are also an issue in themselves, as several schools such as Rutgers University and Queens College have already announced that online classes will continue in the fall. This will defiantly affect the number of student-athletes available to participate in events.

Along with schools not having classes in person the bigger problem is state regulations. Each state has its regulations on gatherings and training for athletes. Not to mention the rules each sperate university has on COVID testing and social distancing. This is even worse for foreign students who come to NCAA colleges to play sports. They would have to be brought in under even harsher regulations depending on which country they are coming from.

Lastly the money, this is the biggest problem for the NCAA with no spring sports and the cancelation of the 2020 Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments this past march. The NCAA has not had a steady stream of revenue coming in to fund the countless sports programs. With no explanation from the NCAA on how football their most profitable sport will be played the NCAA will have lost millions of dollars if they cannot come up with a plan and fast. So, the NCAA is dying and will soon be a thing of the past.

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