The Montclair King Cobras Youth Football Program Documentary Series Event With Tina Cervasio, 2X Super Bowl Champion David Tyree And New York Giants Quarterback Tommy Devito

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On Tuesday April 30th, my friend and mentor Tina Cervasio gave me the opportunity to help out with her fundraiser event called King Cobra Documentary Series which is also by Inspired Films Foundation live in Montclair New Jersey. I was able to bring my co worker Kia Lyons from Platinum Collection and good friend Kadeem Walker. New York Giants Quarterback Tommy Devito and 2X Super Bowl Champion David Tyree were also in attendance who are the executive producers in this film played for Montclair Cobras. The producers for this documentary are Jeremy Pholwattana and Neil Grabowsky as they have been working hard on it for a while.

5X Emmy Award winner Bill Pruitt was in attendance during this event who is the writer and director for King Cobra Documentary Series. What an incredible career for Pruitt as they have a fantastic team to release this amazing documentary. It was awesome meeting Bill, his girlfriend as we connected, talked about my journey as a Sports Journalist, this film, main key storylines when it comes to Montclair Cobras and networking as always. We also got to meet Lorenzo Murolo who is a certified life coach from Motivare coaching and his wife was at this event. Two great people along with Trisha Marcoux who is a Board Certified Orthopedic and Sports Massage Therapist and Breathwork Facilitator. Her company is called Hands 2 You which is a Luxury Mobile Massage.

About The King Cobra Documentary

Howard Finney III: father, husband, Marine, coach-in his 91 years of living, Howard Finney III is many things, to many people. To the young players of the Montclair Cobras Junior Athletic Program, he is a mentor that will change their lives forever, and for the better. He was born in Utica, New York, but his legend is born in Montclair, New Jersey. A stockbroker and former Marine, he decides to establish a youth football program in 1969, having played the sport himself as a young man attending Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University. Though his own experiences take place at illustrious, elite institutions, he refuses to create an exclusionary program. Instead, he coaches youth from every background, every creed, and every race.

Over the next 50 years, he shapes the hearts and minds of these athletes, inevitably shaping their futures, too, such as Super Bowl winners David Tyree and Sean Jones. Other professional athletes that learned from Finney include Tommy DeVito, Josh Allen, Dale Berra-son of Yankees great Yogi Berra-Larry Doby Jr and Quintus McDonald. While his record of 400 wins is widely known, his greatest victories happened off the field. Producers Jeremy Pholwattana and Neil Grabowsky, along with Executive Producers David Tyree and Tommy DeVito, embark on a journey to create a monumental three part documentary series telling the true story of Howard Finney III, the man who helped heal a community and help raise these young athletes in to successful young men. Watch as we tell the story of why Coach Finney started this program and why it’s still going just as strong today 53 years later.

We go to see my good friend Joe aka License The Plate Guy again who does a of fantastic work with New York Giants when it comes to doing events with their players, being a super fan and building his brand also. Shout-Out to 3X Grammy Award winning Beatbox Legend Rahzel from Roots Disciples as he made a great mix for Tommy Devito. It was a pleasure meeting Rahzel who has done a lot of remarkable things in his career. Also connected with Sue Seidler Vorcheimer who is part of Lucy Charm Entertainment, Pass The Crown Around and Inspired Films Foundation.

What Is Inspired Films Foundation

Their mission is to create impactful films to entertain, inspire, and make a positive difference in our communities.

Their commitment is to use proceeds from our films to support charitable causes and initiatives that align with our values.

Thank you to my friend and mentor Tina Cervasio for allowing us to be a part of this event, everyone did a fantastic job, looking forward to helping out even more. Shout-out to all the amazing people who were in attendance including Jeremy Pholwattana who made everything happen also. Support my guy David Tyree and his wife Leilah with their Tyree’s Table place in Morristown New Jersey and subscribe to his podcast called Catch The Moment Podcast.

I had to opportunity to interview New York Giants Quarterback Tommy Devito after this event talking about Montclair King Cobras Football, what is it like now to come back and help out with this film, his memories from playing here, getting a chance to be on the field for Giants when Daniel Jones got hurt, what he learned from that, Joe License The Plate Guy and new teammate Malik Nabers. Thank you once again to Tina Cervasio for setting this up for me as it was a fantastic segment with Devito. Good luck this season and keep up the great work Tommy.

I want to recognize Christina Thompson who does a lot of stuff with Women’s Golf LPGA tournament at Upper Montclair which we have been covering for the last two years. Thompson was at this event also as it was truly amazing meeting her and looking forward to working with Christina soon on some things to help continue grow Women’s Golf even more.

Golf 4 Her

Photographer Burnell Branch who does awesome and fantastic stuff was in attendance also helping out with the event along with Prince Hakim who is a traveling International DJ.

Here is my interview with Tommy Devito

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