The Madness In March Madness

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Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs celebrates after his game-winning shot Saturday night. GETTY IMAGES
Woah, the craziness we’ve seen during March Madness. Oral Roberts knocking out Ohio State in their first game, destroying everyone’s bracket to UCLA coming so close to making their Cinderella story come true against Gonzaga but lost to a buzzer-beater.

No one has expected this year’s March Madness to be like this, but since 2020 I don’t think anyone should be surprised about anything truly this shocking. 2021 is becoming almost precisely like 2021 with the new variant and the news with rapper DMX.

This year’s March Madness is for surly going down in history from no one being in the stadium to everyone’s bracket getting decimated with all of these upsets.

I can also guarantee you that everyone was not expecting rank 11 UCLA to make it this far and coming so close to beating the number 1 ranked Gonzaga University. It would’ve been nice to see this Cinderella team go all the way and possibly beat Baylor but, Gonzaga is number 1 for a reason and have one of the top recruits and possibly a top ten draft pick in this year’s draft Jalen Suggs.

Baylor ultimately beat out Gonzaga and didn’t let up the lead the whole game. After beating Gonzaga 76-60 ruining Gonzaga’s perfect season, Baylor won their first National Championship since 1984!

Under the current circumstances, I give every team their respected props having to deal with Covid, and wish all the players the best of luck as some of them enter the new NBA Draft.
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