The Life And Legacy Of My Late Grandfather Kris Ramachandra Who Was Married 57 Years To My Grandmother Sarla

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My Grandfather was born in January of 1940 at the tail end of the British Colonial Rule and was part of the first batch of students to graduate with a degree in MTech (Masters In Technology ) from the Indian Institute Of Technology in Madras now known as Chennai. Instead of going to the the western hemisphere to pursue his career in Civil Engineering he went to Nigeria which had just received its independence from British Rule in 1960. He came back to India and met my grandmother and fell in love with her and married her. After my father was born they all moved to London where my uncle Sumant was born. My grandfather believed in adventures and took his family across the world to India, Nigeria and United States of America. And that sense of adventure has been instilled in my parents due to my grandfather.

He designed and built skyscrapers, Dams, roads, bridges and even a city known as Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria now. A tremendous life and someone who changed the world through his positive impact. My grandfather has given me tons of advice about life, being a leader, responsibility and other inspiring things. His impact he has had on my father and uncle will never be forgotten as they had one of the best role models growing up. My grandfather loved wearing suits even in planes which showed his awesome personality, having a style that represents him in a positive way and always the right mindset. He was the OG exuding the finesse of the men of the sixties and seventies.

My grandfather’s name is Kris Ramachandra and he was outgoing, enjoyed every moment in life, a caring man, family oriented, spending time with his grandchildren, loving my grandmother for 57 plus years, humble, always helping people in the community and had a strong heart. He also loved traveling around the world with my grandma, father and uncle with a lot of stories that will be remembered forever.

Their neighbor David who served in the US Navy shared a funny story about my grandfather when they had to fix a smoke detector in the house but kept making noise after taking it out. They had to move to each of the rooms in the house to find which one was making the noise before fixing it.

Everyone loved my grandfather as he had time for people at any time of the day.

The best grandfather I can ask for, thank you for everything, you will be missed, love you and we will continue your legacy.

May you Rest In Peace Grand Pop.

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