The Godfather of Sports Digital Radio

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The radio industry is a very unique kind of business. You could have your voice heard around the entire world just from sitting in your own house or your own studio. To many, the radio industry is where they hear most of their sports news from every single day. There are so many different radio talk show hosts these days that each seem to give their own opinions about sports on their shows, and they are very adamant about them. To me, there is one person that is very opinionated and really feels strongly about his takes and doesn’t care whether people agree with them or not, and his name is Errol Marks.

I recently had the honor and privilege of getting to speak with Errol Marks, the founder of Long Island based radio network, The World Wide Sports Radio Network, and really dive into his upcoming and what it’s like to be a radio show host in the great state of New York. Doing this interview with Errol was a very unique and awesome experience that I am very grateful for. He gave me the opportunity to grow as an interviewer by sitting down with me and letting me pick his brain for a bit about radio.

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Errol started out as a sports lover at a young age and was an all around athlete throughout all of his schooling years. Unfortunately being that ultimate athlete that he wanted to be didn’t fully work out for him due to injuries while also having other factors that played into it. After the sports part of his life came to an end, he started pursuing being a DJ, which he still is to this day. He got to travel the world and “got to see some stuff that a 20 year old couldn’t imagine seeing”. Errol also met so many great people and had many different opportunities to see different parts of the world. Due to some personal conflicts, Errol had decided to stay back at home on Long Island and continue being a DJ. He had always been told that he always had a good connection with people and that he knew sports very well and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about what he thought. When he was 30 years old he started a program with a company and he went out to NBC Sports radio and worked with radio show host Dan Schwartzman. Dan was basically Errol’s mentor and taught him all about the radio business and how cutthroat it was and how things were done. During the year or so he worked with Dan, he got to help executive produce shows at NBC Sports radio called “Going Deep”. However, Errol did not want to be known as a podcaster. Because of this, he decided to work with two or three co-hosts to try and find a partner to try and get into the radio industry. He was introduced by a friend to a guy named Mikey C, who always wanted to get into the radio business but knew nothing about it. Mikey had a good sense of sports and people skills so Errol decided that he would train him and teach him what he knew about radio and ultimately work together. They ended up starting a show together called “Sports on the Go” on a digital platform that was different from the other platforms people were using so they could stand out. There were many different people who were very interested in their content, but wanted them to change the way they did things. Errol was content on the way they were “very real” about their takes and he wanted to stay that way. He loved to cause ruckus and make people laugh with what they had to say, and he thought that his shows being like that could give people a different look on sports that they weren’t used to seeing. This is exactly what he kept on doing and kept his shows like up until present time. Errol then had people fresh out of college looking for jobs or even internships approach him wanting to learn more about radio or even writing for the station. To this day he believes that his station was one of the first to do that and that they were the “godfathers of digital sports radio”. From here, Errol decided that he was going to transform his home based radio shows into more of a corporate thing and renamed it “The World Wide Sports Radio Network”. He gave kids fresh out of college chances to show off their skills and show the world that they have a good understanding of the sports world. There were a lot of people that Errol helped get their foot in the door and launch their own careers down the line. Then eventually he and his partner Mikey decided ultimately to break up and use their talents to create different shows. Errol had a kid fresh out of college reach out to him many times that he was interested in joining the team. At first, it looked like the kid, Kyle, had a little bit of work to do, but he showed a passion for radio and Errol decided to give him a try. Eventually Errol saw something in Kyle that he saw in himself, and he wanted to work with him to make him learn more and become more knowledgeable in radio. He saw that he had dedication, worked hard, and had love for the industry. Kyle then got the nickname “Speedy” because of how fast he talked when he was broadcasting. He is now known in the industry as Speedy.
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Errol had to work a lot with Speedy and he helped him produce and video edit shows. After some time he felt that Speedy was ready to go back on air. He thinks that he is one of the most talented and hardest working people in the industry now. At this point, they both decided to do live shows in a deli, which lasted for almost a year. This was fun for them and all but then they ultimately decided to move to platforms like Zoom and Stream Yard where they could do shows that would be broadcasted around the world digitally. He believes they were one of the first people to do this and it made for good and diverse content. Errol also believes that “digital sports radio is the wave of the future”. He knew that digital sports radio would change the industry for the better or even for the worse, and also open up opportunities for people to do shows around the world.

Errol got an opportunity to join a radio station in Texas that he had applied for but ultimately decided to turn it down and continue to build his own legacy and his own station in Long Island. Errol always saw himself as a perfectionist, and he always wanted to work his hardest to reach his goals and put out the best work he could. He always set a goal for himself that he wasn’t going to go out there and try to find himself an agent before he realized that he was one of the best in the industry. Due to covid in 2020, all of the radio business had to now be done at home over digital radio, which Errol already had the jump on because he saw this happening years before it did. He claims that he is never going to get credit for predicting it, but over time people could start to realize that he does deserve the credit for it. Errol has now been in the industry for 11 years and still thinks he has so much knowledge to give and believes he is one of the best in the industry today. He now has a new show called “The Sports Loudmouth” with Speedy.

In conclusion, having the chance to speak with Errol Marks was an amazing opportunity, and one I will always be grateful for. He is definitely an amazing individual who doesn’t get the credit that he deserves for all he has done for the radio industry, but hopefully will get that credit soon enough.

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