The future of Sting in AEW is a win for everyone involved

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When Sting showed up in AEW, I have to say I wasn’t surprised, but I still marked out as every fan did. If you didn’t I don’t think you have any feelings. It was the secretive way it was done that made it perfect. You didn’t know if the rumors were true, but they were. When he showed up on “Dynamite” last Wednesday, the rivalries and work he can do were endless.
Working with Darby Allin? A match with Chris Jericho or Dustin Rhodes? Helping Cody? You can’t tell me the this can’t work. Now, I’ve been a Sting fan forever. He is my favorite of all time, so I might be a little bias, but lets face it, his WWE run was trash. He shouldn’t have lost to Triple H at “Wrestlemania 31” and it was heartbreaking to see him get hurt against Seth Rollins at “Night of Champions.” But WWE never did right by him. In my opinion, his loss to Triple H was one of the worst booking decisions not just in WWE history, but in wrestling as well. They had him come in and lose every big match he had.
I don’t want to hear that it had nothing to do with him in WCW. That is a bold face lie. People say well Goldberg got big wins. That’s because he signed with WWE after WCW went under, and Sting had reservations of signing with WWE and rightfully so. Vince McMahon had no idea what he was doing with Sting. He should’ve given him that match at Mania, but he didn’t want a WCW guy who didn’t want to sign with WWE win the match over one of his top guys, as well as his son-in-law.
Him joining AEW gives Sting the chance to go out on his own terms, and his fans a chance to see him get the proper respect he deserves. Let him decide what he wants to do. He’s earned the right inthis business. The fact that Sting also signed a full time multi year deal shows he’s in this for long haul.Now, I don’t think he will be wrestling every week, but you can have him as a manager, as well as be a guy backstage to guide the young talent much like the Undertaker has done in WWE. Sting has the same respect level from the other superstars in this business.
His knowledge of wrestling inside and out of the ring is endless. He’s been doing this for so long, but he’s also worked for other companies as well such as WCW, WWE, IMPACT, New Japan andothers. He now has added AEW to his resume. I think you’ll see this workout extremely well and a big credit to Tony Khan for giving a legend what he wants. We all are winners here. It’s a win for Sting, AEW, and the fans. So, cheers to you Icon. You deserve this.
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