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by Kyle Williams | Jan 28, 2022 | General | 0 comments

(Associated Press)
Witnessing that absolute shootout between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes last Sunday, one couldn’t help but recognize that even if Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger do retire this year, the league is in good hands for the better part of the next decade barring injuries. Rewind ten years where there were four top-tier QB’s, two in the AFC and two in the NFC. The AFC had Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, while the NFC had Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Yes there was Big Ben, and yes there was also Russel Wilson, but those four were a cut above the rest. Nowadays we do have four top-tier QB’s compared to this generation, but they are all in the AFC.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen’s slug show was reminiscent of when Tom Brady met Peyton Manning in 2015 with the latter winning that encounter 20 to 18. What a game that was with two greats going head-to-head. In that year, Manning ended up winning the Super Bowl so will it be the same for Mahomes? To be completely honest maybe only the Rams stand a chance. His new found running ability is a new dimension that defenders have to look out for, especially since he is already an unstoppable player.

(Sports Illustrated)
I did mention four Quarterbacks, not just Pat and Josh, but you got two talented youngsters in Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. The only reason three made the playoffs and Herbert didn’t is because of idiotic coaching in the final game of the season by Brandon Staley which made the player with the second-most passing yards (5,014 yards) not make the playoffs to have, what would have been a Cinderella run. Herbert, since his rookie year, has shown to many that the only way the Chargers lose is due to a soft defense, or coaching mistakes, but never down to him. If a QB puts the team up by twenty points, losing that lead is on the defense and defensive coordinator. Justin had the 3rd most touchdowns with 38 behind only Matthew Stafford (41) and Tom Brady (43). It was a disgrace to see that he was not at the playoffs because then, him against Burrow, would be like Farve vs Roethlisberger.

Usually, I would not recommend for a player to leave their teams, but seeing the last 4 years the AFC was decided at Arrowhead, and Mahomes is not on the decline so it would be a tough time for those guys for future years. Don’t get me wrong, Allen did beat Mahomes in that playoff game, with both legs and arm, but his defense allowed a team to travel 50+ yards in 13 seconds to go to Overtime and win the game. These four, I know there will be people who might bring up Lamar Jackson, Trevor Lawrence, and even Mac Jones, but with the same reasoning in mind; those four are a cut above the rest and it’s not even close.

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