The Fantasy Millionaires


10:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST

Down to the wire


The Faces Behind The Show

Mike Collins

Mike Collins has been raking in the fantasy cash for over a decade. After suffering a detrimental injury during a JV football scrimmage, his dreams of playing running back in the NFL were derailed. Dark times ensued, but eventually, he found his way as he pursued a new career in cash by way of engineering and law. He then found fantasy football where his love for the game, and for cash, were married in a new path. He likes cash; holding it; spending it; saving it; throwing it. He even tried to name his son Cash Football Collins but his wife talked him out of it. Now he wants to share his passion for fantasy football and cash with you.


You are Scott Simpson if you have ever quit your job and decided to chase your childhood dream of being in sports entertainment instead of working for the man. You are Scott Simpson if you have been a diehard football fan for the last 35 years and you love it with all your heart. You are Scott Simpson if you have ever looked deep into your soul and said, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And dammit, people like me!” You are Scott Simpson if you have ever told your partner, “Don’t worry about the cost. I’m going to make it!” You are Scott Simpson if you have ever believed that you possess what it takes to be successful and actually become a Fantasy Football Millionaire. There can only be one Scott Simpson. Nice to meet you.