The Chubby Pickle In Highlands New Jersey Hosted Their First Ever Autograph Signing With Former New York Ranger Sean Avery On Saturday April 13th

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On Saturday April 13th The Chubby Pickle in Highlands New Jersey hosted their first ever Autograph Signing with former New York Ranger Sean Avery. This took a team effort to make it happen as we promoted the event every day and letting all Rangers fans know that Avery will be in town. The event was great timing because New York Rangers were playing around the same time as Sean Avery’s signing. They had over 100 tickets sold as Chubby Pickle’s owner and rest of their staff were ready. Sean Avery was traveling down from New York City with the fans waiting to see him.
Once Sean Avery arrived, everyone was cheering for him and hyped up. Avery was awesome with the fans while taking photos and signing autographs. Avery talked to them about the Rangers game that was going on, telling stories and having fun. We were also doing raffle tickets after every period of the game as some fans won some cool items or jerseys from KD Sports Promotions. Everyone did a great job of running this event smoothly, making sure these people have what they needed and keeping track of all tickets.
Sponsored By The Chubby Pickle And KD Sports Promotions Also.
What a way to have a first signing for The Chubby Pickle with former New York Ranger Sean Avery and a viewing party at same time. They had a cake for Sean as we celebrated Avery’s birthday also during the event. The owner was happy on how this went, successful for everyone involved and even Avery loved the experience at Chubby Pickle. Congrats on a fantastic first autograph signing at this place with all fans having a great time. Shout-Out to Kelli Dolan, KD Sports Promotions, thank you to everyone’s support for us and stay tuned for more events at the Chubby Pickle.
Big Moment For The Chubby Pickle This Weekend.
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