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The WWE has so many talented superstars on their roster currently, and the future is looking bright for all of them. From the Tribal Chief, Seth Rollins, and CM Punk to rising stars such as Cody Rhodes, LA Knight and Gunther, the WWE has many people on their roster they could expect to be the best of the best in 2024.

Many people tend to have their own opinions on who they think the top superstar is in the WWE. In order to really tell who the top superstars are, you have to take into account their success this last year and how they are looking for this next year from Wrestlemania on…

These are my opinions on the top 5 superstars for the next year and beyond.

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1. Roman Reign

Who else would be at the top of this list? The Tribal Chief is still currently the undisputed universal champion of over 1,000 days. Even while he may no longer refer to himself as the Big Dog, Reigns is currently the biggest name in professional wrestling, and that title is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. As the main attraction on the WWE main stage, he is a legitimate draw for both television viewers and ticket sales.

Even though he doesn’t defend his title as much as people would like to see, there is no denying how much of a legacy and long lasting impact Roman has left on the WWE, while also carrying one of the companies most historic storylines, The Bloodline. There are a couple different rumors on who his next Wrestlemania title defense may be against, with the two most popular people being Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson and Cody Rhodes.

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2. Cody Rhode

For the first time in 26 years, there was a back to back Royal Rumble winner, and his name was Cody Rhodes. Rhodes told an almost unbelievable story while spending the most of 2023 as the biggest babyface in wrestling. After winning the Royal Rumble in a valiant effort to stop Roman Reigns’ championship run at WrestleMania, he turned into a star in recovery after failing to finish his story. Careers can be destroyed by setbacks like the one Rhodes suffered at Wrestlemania. Nevertheless, Rhodes was unfazed, viewing the previous year as a time for redemption and used this as a way to get the WWE universe behind him.

It seems that this next year for him is his time to finally finish his story. There could potentially be a roadblock in the way of him completing his story at Wrestlemania, aka The Rock. But even if Dwayne Johnson takes his place against Reigns at Mania, the American Nightmare may still win in the long run. It remains to be seen if that occurs at SummerSlam, WrestleMania, or at another event. Even so, it’s difficult to see the year passing without Rhodes winning and solidifying his status as the top attraction in wrestling, which he may already hold in the eyes of many people.

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3. Seth Rollins

Coming in at number 3 on my list is the current WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins. For WWE, Rollins has been a reliable performer who consistently puts on excellent matches and has an excellent connection with the audience. As much as Rollins has helped legitimize the world heavyweight belt, it has also helped him. With his extravagant attire, self-assurance when speaking, and his acrobatic style, Rollins has consistently shown himself as one of the biggest talents in pro wrestling.

Rollins recently revealed that he suffered a torn MCL and partially torn meniscus during his latest title defense that doctors said will sideline him. Before being challenged by Gunther, Rollins nevertheless promised to defend his title at WrestleMania 40, perhaps paving the path for a match at Wrestlemania. Another possible opponent for Seth at Wrestlemania could be Cody Rhodes if his match with Roman Reigns ends up falling through

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4. CM Punk

“The Best in the World” appears to be more inspired and driven to prove he is that after Punk’s unexpected return to the WWE. Everything old is new again after more than ten years away from the WWE arena, and Punk, along with Roman Reigns, is probably the company’s biggest star.

His success in AEW more than justifies this position in my rankings, but with the run of appearances he’s going for in WWE, he’s nearly guaranteed to move up a few spots. Punk’s comeback has helped WWE immensely, but he also appears to be having more fun with wrestling than ever. During the Royal Rumble, Punk suffered a real injury that would force him out of wrestling action for a couple of months, causing him to miss Wrestlemania. This leaves such a big hole in the companies plans for the event since he is such a huge star and attraction. Punk will look to surely rebound after he has recovered from injury and continue his success moving forward.

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5. LA Knight

Knight has risen to the top of the card at the age of 41 thanks to his combination of in-ring work, on-the-mic ability, and his signature “Yeah” catchphrase. Knight was working as the manager of the Maximum Male Models not too long ago, with no chance of making an appearance at WrestleMania. He’s already one of the most recognizable faces in the entire business, and if he keeps up his incredible ascent to the greatest stage positions, a title may be in his future.

A number of fans have compared Knight’s bold promo style and gimmick to that of Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Stone Cold Steve Austin, praising his memorable catchphrases and viewing his endearing, trash-talking persona as a throwback to the Attitude Era of wrestling. Fans have shown Knight nothing short of extraordinary support on social media and on television. His standing as a fan favorite is cemented by this unrelenting support from the WWE universe.

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