SuperBowl LIV Could Be a “Battle of the Birds”

by Katie Hepburn | Dec 5, 2019 | General | 1 comment

The 2019 NFL season has been a wild year. Ups and downs, record breaking quarterback injuries and wild shifts in weekly power rankings. We’ve watched teams like the Ravens And the Seahawks get stronger game over game, while some of the early predictions for Super Bowl contenders showed us the their “humanness.”
The once undefeated Patriots lack the offensive weapons around Brady to score points. This will be a huge problem for them in the post season. As well the 49ers have fallen victim to the running quarterback not once but twice. Their 2 losses came at the hands of Russell Wilson and the Seahawks and the red hot Ravens with Lamar Jackson at the helm.
Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens currently sit [at 10-2|]. Each have beaten both the Patriots and the Niners, the NFL leaders for the better part of 2019. Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson are dangerous inside and outside of the pocket. Their speed and strength coupled with both team’s resilient defenses are stacking up integral wins. As well, Wilson and Jackson are the front runners for this year’s MVP.
What we are seeing here is the Running Quarterback Revolution. Running quarterbacks are not to be confused with mobile quarterbacks. A mobile quarterback can run for a few yards and escape a tackle or two to prolong the play. Running quarterbacks have the speed of a running back, the arm of a pocket passer and can make accurate passes in motion. Michael Vick, McNabb, RG3 were a few of the pioneers of the Running quarterback style but unfortunately they were well before their time. The NFL wasn’t ready for that kind of player then but now these quarterbacks are Faster, stronger and more accurate. Running quarterbacks could very well be the standard in the league within the next 10 years or sooner. Perhaps as soon as Super Bowl LIV. We could very well witness the “new” quarterback showdown in the Battle of the Birds [on Feb 20th 2020|]. One thing for sure, a Ravens v Seahawks most certainly wouldnt end in 16 total points.
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  1. Mei Geraci

    Yikes! I guess Josh Gordon with the Seahawks just got suspended again. It was for performance enhancing substances. The crazy thing is that this was his 6th suspension. Pete Carroll must be pissed!


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