Super Brawl 4

by Errol Marks | Feb 18, 2019 | MMA | 0 comments

Bobby Campbell Jackhammer Promotions did it again at Mulcahy’s Pub for Super Brawl 4.

The fight’s all came down to the wire with prestige finishes from the amateur divisions to the Pros. The fight between Aaron Thompson vs Sergio Rivera was a fight that I wont forget at the event, these two fighters took it to each other all the way too the end but Sergio in the end landed more dominant shots that eventually won him his fight.

How about the battle the ladies gave us later in the night with Destiny aka “The Cage Cuty” Quinones vs Chrissy Yandolli that fight had everything thrown but the kitchen sink Chrissy had Destiny on the run in a lot of the fight but you can never count Destiny out of the fight but when it came down to the cards Chrissy just was the better fighter that night.  

Congrats to Brian “The Rebel” Rochford for his comeback trail and taking the fight to his opponent at Super Brawl 4 and getting the draw as well. If you haven’t been to a Jackhammer Promotions event at Mulcahy’s, than you need to go to the “10 year Brawl” April 28th.  

Bobby Campbell and Jackhammer Promotions sold out Mulcahy’s at Super Brawl 4 so if you plan to get tickets get them now!

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