“Super Bowl Week Was Super Weak”

by Errol Marks | Feb 4, 2020 | General | 0 comments

On Tuesday January 28th, I arrived at Miami international airport with a smile on my face thinking I was going to experience my first crack of Super Bowl week on the infamous radio row platform. As I left the airport I see all of the Super Bowl signs and apparel everyone was selling and I thought wow the NFL has really perfected their ability to grow the product from this stage before the big game. My thought then change within twenty-four hours my plane landed in Miami, for the Super Bowl festivities I was about to embark for the week. The honest truth is the NFL is a organization that cares for no one, but the money they bring in from a product that has become water down in the past few years. Now some people would say I’m bitter because of the situation I was put in on the first day at radio row, but the truth is the NFL hasn’t just deceived the media but also you as a fan. When I arrived at the conventional center at radio row, I realized plenty of fans were complaining about the money they had to pay for tickets to get in to the media center. Through out the years the NFL used radio row as a platform to draw the fan to be apart of the media and not use it as way to scam more money from them. The NFL for years have been trying to make the Super Bowl a holiday, but what they really have been doing is stealing people’s hard earn money. During my time at the conventional center I talked to a lot of the NFL workers working at radio row and what I have learned was discouraging. The NFL were paying their workers between twelve and fifteen dollars an hour, which coming from an organization that made over 14 billion dollars last year in revenue shows you how really cheap they are.

Unfortunately during Super Bowl week the world was mourning the death of the nine people that died in LA, that included ex NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gianna. This tragedy definitely effected the NFL’s plan to make Super Bowl 54 unforgettable from the halftime show to of course the game. During my time in Miami all people were talking about was Kobe, that I think people forgot that the likes of Patrick Mahomes or even Andy Reid were the ones playing in the big game. The NFL did a bad job taking the headlines over from the Kobe Bryant tragedy, but even with that Super Bowl 54 was still the 10th biggest watch game in its 54 year existence. Im bothered that for years the NFL has been covering up the like’s of diseases like CTE, which has ended so many ex NFL athletes lives which the organization has try to brush under the rug for years. The problem with the Super Bowl week is the NFL forgets what the importance of the big game really brings throughout the world. The NFL is and always will be a nasty organization, that plays favorites no matter if your a member of the media or if you are a famous athlete, movie star and musician.

The NFL might be one of the richest organizations in the world but, when your paying Commissioner Goodell 45 million dollars a year to do a job a baby can do you realize where the NFL is heading in the future. Im disgusted with how this self proclaimed billion dollar industry has forgotten its ex players and instead of paying this idiot Goodell, they should figure out how to help these ex players with their medical problems. In conclusion I feel the NFL is a classless organization that has no respect for its fans or its players. I have lost so much respect for this organization that I grew to love as a fan when I was a kid and because of what I experienced at radio row this year I don’t think I will ever respect them again.

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