Super Bowl Halftime Show Won’t Rock

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Brace yourself, here we go again with the Super Bowl half time performance selection. This Super Bowl the half time performers with be Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Honestly, I couldn’t be less interested. After last year’s circus with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi (yeah that’s for real) I think I will volunteer myself to make the half time beer run.
I have no clue who is in charge of the half time talent selection and I am sick of seeing pop music half time shows with wardrobe malfunctions.

I want to hear the music that rocks out in the stadiums during the games and guess what that isn’t pop music! Rock Music is what rocks out the stadiums- you can’t go to a game without hearing Queen’s We Will Rock You. We Will Rock You is the #1 stadium anthem song played. Why can’t the NFL invite a rock band to perform? Why is rock shunned when it comes to halftime shows? Dee Snider of Twisted Sister shares my sentiments and called out the NFL in a tweet after the announcement of this year’s performers. His tweet recognizes that rock/heavy metal music is the music that rocks out the stadium each week, game after game and yet Rock/Heavy Metal performers are shunned for those that shake their money makers. All the world’s a stage unless you are a hard rock band looking to play the Super Bowl half time show.

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