Sports Lordz


4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Down to the wire

Sports Lordz is a sports-comedy podcast centering around sports topics, but also everything else! Expect hot takes, crazy guests, a few laughs and some dabs.

Hosted by the Sports Lordz themselves: Kevin Cobbs, Diego Martinez, and Jimmy O’Connell.


The Faces Behind The Show

Diego Martinez

Diego Martinez is a Salvadoran born, Atlanta raised, New York area based wanna be comedian, podcaster and actual Irish Lord of Kerry (for real, there is proof). Currently residing in beautiful Buffalo, New York, Diego spent nearly a decade in New York City performing and pursuing a career in comedy while maintaining a love and passion for sports. During this time, he and fellow ATLiens Kevin Cobbs and Jimmy O’Connell created the groundbreaking and seminal sports-comedy show, Sports Lordz. Diego is a fan of F.C. Barcelona, The Tennessee Vols, all the Atlanta pro sports teams, F1, wrestling and pizza of all kinds. Make sure to check him out on Sports Lordz, the show you’re currently reading about and clicked on moments ago. Diego hopes to one day join the mafia, or a cartel to stay on brand.


Kevin Cobbs is a comedian, writer and co-host of Sport Lordz. His writing credits include Sesame Street (he personally knows all of the muppets) and several shows at New York’s UCB theatre (RIP). He’s appeared on Comedy Central, in Red Dead Redemption 2 and toured as a member of The Second City. Kevin is originally from Atlanta and is a lifelong Braves fan. He was a standout on Grady High School’s 2002 JV football squad but doesn’t like to brag. He currently lives in beautiful New Jersey and hopes to one day join the mafia.

Jimmy O’Connell

Jimmy O’Connell was born in Chicago, but raised in Atlanta, where he currently resides. A diehard Atlanta Braves and UGA football fan, Jimmy also likes the Atlanta Hawks and accepts that the Atlanta Falcons will always be a dark and sad part of his life. You may have seen him in a few seconds of tv commercials for brands like Kayak and US Cellular and also as a townsperson in the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. Jimmy was a two time letter-earner for the 2003 and 2004 St. Pius X Catholic High School Football team, so he really knows his stuff. He also hopes to join the mafia sometime soon.