“Rumors That Tom Thibodeau Will Be Knicks New Coach”

by Errol Marks | Nov 30, 2019 | General | 0 comments

In the last four weeks their has been a lot of turbulence coming out of the Knicks front office about, if David Fizdale is the coach to lead this team going forward. Just a few years ago while the Knicks were interviewing for the next coach to lead Phil Jackson Triangle offense crap, Steve Mills had a voice of opinion that Tom Thibodeau was the guy. Jackson didn’t think that Thibs was the guy to run his offense and his young superstar Porzingis and Jackson decided to Hire coach Jeff Hornacek. Since then Hornacek barely lasted 2 years as the Knicks coach and Phil Jackson is now enjoying his millions as he put the Knicks in purgatory.

This past year Porzingis broke his silence on the Knicks debacle, blaming the poor leadership of Hornacek and Jackson the reasons why he wanted out from the organization. Since then GM Scott Perry and Steve Mills have been running the show and two weeks ago at a press conference both Perry and Mills were stating their displeasure of where the team is going. My inside thought is this doesn’t bold well for Fitz and it is believed that the Knicks will be looking for a new coach at the seasons end. Thibodeau this season is freelancing as a broadcaster and taking the time off, after that three year stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

His few years with the Wolves was not a great one thats for sure, with bad decision making adding Jimmy Butler and trading away assets that could set the wolves back for many years. It is believed that Thibodeau will be Steve Mills number one target in the offseason as he was Mills top choice when Jackson and him were interviewing a few years ago. Thibs dream job was and always will be the Knicks as he grew as a coach on Jeff Van Gundy’s staff with the Knicks in the 90s.

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