Recap Of New Jersey Devils Weekend Takeover Live At Woodbridge Brewing Company With Captain Nico Hischier, 3X Stanley Cup Champion Ken Daneyko And Nate Bastian

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March 8th, 9th and 10th was New Jersey Devils weekend takeover live at the Woodbridge Brewing Company with Captain Nico Hischier, 3X Stanley Cup Champion Ken Daneyko and Nate Bastian. It was a legendary three days for Woodbridge, the fans and Devils as everyone was exited to meet their favorite players. Started on Friday with Captain Nico Hischier coming to the Woodbridge Brewing Company in a sold out event which was a success. Shout-Out to my friend Tobias for helping out with the three days as he got footage outside with Nico Hischier entering the place.

Nico Hischier was fantastic with all the fans, meeting them, taking pictures and interacting with everyone. Hischier is a fan favorite with this team, it’s a great accomplishment when someone is being named Captain for the New Jersey Devils or any other team. We were able to do a segment/interview with Hischier after the event with a lot of people still in attendance taking videos from different angles. This was an awesome night and now for day two. Saturday it was the Devils game first against Carolina Hurricanes with my friends Tobias, Jeremy and Kadeem.

Here is the YouTube for all three days
Ken Daneyko was also in attendance at Devils game that same day we did an event with him at Woodbridge Brewing Company for day two of New Jersey Devils weekend takeover. Daneyko who won 3 Stanley Cup Championships in his career was a big staple for those teams as he brought toughness to the game of hockey. Daneyko remembered me from being on my show three years ago for an interview. All the fans were pumped to meet up on Saturday as Daneyko was also great with them. We did a segment with him at the end and having a fantastic time at Woodbridge Brewing Company. Daneyko tried out the wings with our friend Tobias also while doing a segment with him also.
Then the last day was crazy as Woodbridge had their St. Patricks Day parade with New Jersey Devils right winger Nate Bastian coming to town with our friend Frank Luna. Woodbridge Brewing Company was last stop for all the parade people with a party and celebration. The place was a mad house trying to get ready for the event with Bastian and Luna. It was another awesome turnout with Devils fans waiting to meet Nate. Bastian was outstanding with them, having a fantastic time, it ran smoothly and quick. Nate Bastian is a player that can do multiple things for the New Jersey Devils. Shout-Out to our friend Frank Luna for setting up this event and always working hard in this industry. Bastian also tried the wings with our friend Tobias along with another segment at the end.
Shout-out to Woodbridge Brewing Company, Rosanne Galtes, Mihir Thakkar, Steven Galtes and rest of staff for having a successful three days. It was a great covering New Jersey Devils weekend takeover with Tobias, Mel, our co worker Jeremy Fishman and Kadeem. Stay tuned for more exciting events at the Woodbridge Brewing Company.
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