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The UEFA Euro 2020 match between Finland and Denmark has been suspended due to a medical emergency after Christian Eriksen collapsed to the ground with apparent chest conditions. In about the 42nd minute of the game, the Danish #10 took control of the ball from a throw-in, then collapsed to the ground. The medical team rushed onto the field as his teammates made a protective circle around him and the medical crew, some players visibly tearing up.

This incident takes me back to September of 2016 when in Jamaica, a high school athlete Dominic James, captain of the school, died after collapsing on the field due to a seizure against Excelsior high school. On that day it was as high as 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit).


I have been watching Eriksen still he was at Tottenham in the English Premier League in 2013, and a respiratory condition was never seen illustrated by the 29-year-old, seeing as during the winter portion of the season teams play up to three games per week in snow and/or heavy rains at high tempos. It is amazing news to hear that he is now responsive, speaking to his teammates and his father. As a final statement, I would like to give my utter respect to Simon Kjaer, the central defender for Denmark who put Christian into the correct position and making the protective wall around him while he was down. Respect.

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Well, I am 18 years old currently undergoing my Bachelors of Science in Media and communications. I'm currently in my first semester and I would like to be a sports analyst in the future. I am also from Jamaica. I would like to work at one of the biggest sports companies in the world (ESPN/SKY/BT) but everyone needs a start and I would love it if you were to give me that start.


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