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(Jubilant Girls after a triumph at the World Cup)
January 5, 2024, is the saddest day in the history of Jamaican female football and it comes around the time of the presidential election. The Jamaica Reggae Girlz have unfortunately had their funding pulled by the sole benefactor Cedella Marley. Daughter of Reggae icon Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, has been funding this team and project on her own fruition since 2014.

She effectively restarted the program on her own after the program was shut down by the administration in 2008. This is once again another disastrous decision by a failing administration.

(Failing JFF president Michael Ricketts)
To think the body responsible for football/soccer in the country has no hand in what happens with the women’s program, but was at the front of the line when praise was handed out for their historic knockout stage progression at the recently concluded FIFA Women’s World Cup. The work Cedella has done most times goes under the radar because of this, but her devotion towards the team and its members should not be unspoken.

The Michael Ricketts-led administration has made any job within the sport next to unbearable as managers are underpaid, players never get their monies on time, and it’s an all-round circus. The Girlz team qualified for the World Cup and had to set up a GoFundMe to fund the trip.

The federation gets around $500k from the governing body, FIFA, yet still there is no travel that the players have to themselves. And this is not just for the women’s team as the men not too long ago had a friendly match in the last window, but they only got visa clearance for 24/25 players which signals more incompetence. It is a dark day for Jamaican football, but will there be sunshine shortly?

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