NXT New Years Evil

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January 6th The Man Who Lives Forever Damien Priest Will go up Against Karrion Kross. Since Cross Returned from a shoulder injury, he has made it known to the NXT Universe that doomsday is upon us. Karrion Kross is on a quest to regain the title he never lost. The NXT Championship. To climb back up the ladder Karrion Kross will have to go face to face with Damien Priest. A man who held the North American Championship in 2020 and had unforgettable matchups with the likes of Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano. This time Priest Could be in for the fight of his life. Karrion Kross, a man who is 6 ft, 265 pounds is a destructive force in the squared circle, is looking to inflict punishment and leave a path of destruction. Damien Priest is known for his quickness and agility in the ring. Someone like Karrion Kross Will Be hard to outmaneuver and outmatch in strength. This match will not be for the fainthearted and the priest has now become a target. The Sands Of Time are running out for Damien Priest and for many wrestling fans this will be a match to look forward to. Damien Priest will have to be ready for what’s coming and this will be a match that will test both competitors and see who deserves more of a near-future opportunity. New years evil will air at 8/7c on USA Network.
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