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The merging of celebrities and professional athletes in the worlds of sport and entertainment sometimes have unanticipated results. This was the case with Taylor Swift’s attendance at recent NFL games featuring Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. There could be many outcomes of the “Taylor Swift effect” on Kelce’s career and the NFL. The newly proclaimed romance between the two is one that the media and fans of both will never hear the end of…

There have been many things that have come from this new relationship. The most significant impact of Taylor and Travis’s relationship is the increase in viewership of Chiefs games. Swift recently attended the Chiefs game at ArrowHead in Kansas City against the Bears. There were rumors before the game that Taylor would be in attendance, which got millions of “Swifties” and other fans to tune into the game to see her on the TV. This game attracted an incredible 24.3 million viewers and became the most watched NFL game of the week on all networks. Swift’s effect went beyond just people watching the game on the television, but rather going to the game to see it in person.

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According to StubHub, ticket sales for the Chiefs-Jets game that happened this past Sunday Night tripled. Simply having Swift around may draw crowds to stadiums. Swift’s connection with Kelce has also had the significant impact of increasing the popularity of Travis and his brother’s podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.” Following Swift’s appearance at the game, their podcast climbed to the top spot on Apple’s podcast charts, beating out the rest of the competition. This is important for Travis and his brother Jason as this gains them more publicity from an outside demographic. Swift fans normally would not be as involved in anything really related to football, but this new relationship reels in the Swift fans to explore the NFL.

On social media, the “Taylor Swift effect” was also noticeable. Following the game, Kelce’s Instagram following increased by 18%, rising from 2.7 million to 3.2 million. In addition, his Instagram sponsored post earnings increased from $14,700 to $17,800 each post, demonstrating the financial advantages of increased social media engagement by his relationship with Taylor. The social media impact Taylor has had on Kelce and the NFL is tremendous. Over the last week or so there have been an insane amount of posts regarding Taylor Swift at the game, or just any references about her at all. This is all good news for all the parties involved in this new developing relationship, as it’s gaining Taylor, Travis, and the NFL more publicity from everyone around the world. Obviously, when there is more publicity for people or things, they are going to earn a following or a fan base and that brings in revenue for everyone. The social media presence of this whole story is doing wonders for the publicity of the NFL, and even bringing them in additional revenue they probably didn’t otherwise get from the Swift fanbase.

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Following Swift’s showing, Kelce’s NFL jersey was among the top five best-selling jerseys. Additionally, Fanatics, the NFL’s official merchandise supplier, reported a stunning 400% surge in Kelce-related merchandise sales. All over social media there were fans posting their pictures at the game with their Kelce merchandise on and supporting their favorite singer’s new boy toy. So much money was brought in by these jersey and merchandise sales, even though Travis doesn’t get 100% of the money made off of those sales. The NFL definitely will try to milk this whole Travis and Taylor saga with possibly making some new merchandise that has something to do with the two celebrities, so fans of both sides could rock some new merch to support the two.

Taylor Swift’s presence extended benefits not only to Kelce but also to the NFL itself. Swift-related posts from the league on social media made up 7% of total content and generated an amazing 109 million engagements. Swift’s visit was valued around $37 million altogether, according to Apex Marketing, showing how valuable she could be for the NFL. Swift’s appearance at the Chiefs-Jets Sunday Night Football game will significantly increase the show’s television audience, furthering her influence on the NFL.

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Taylor goes back on her Era’s tour in late October, as she is traveling out of the United States. I could only imagine that up until she has to go back on her tour, she is going to be at every Chiefs game supporting and cheering on Travis and the Chiefs. This would be huge for the Chiefs, Travis, and the NFL as a whole. As long as Taylor is going to these games and showing her face, they are gaining so many more fans and gaining viewership and revenue. Beyond the short-term financial benefits, Kelce’s relationship with Swift might draw a new audience, boosting his appeal and extending his influence both within and outside the NFL.

There is no denying the extensive “Taylor Swift effect” on Travis Kelce’s NFL career. Swift’s presence has sparked excitement and intrigue in their alleged romance, boosting brand value, ticket sales, and social media engagement. It’s unclear how this phenomenon will affect Kelce’s career in the future or how the NFL will interact with celebrity culture as it develops. The one thing that is for sure is that Taylor has taken the NFL world by storm as of late, and it will stay that way as long as she keeps showing up to games.

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