NFL Mock Draft

by Errol Marks | Feb 6, 2019 | NFL Football | 0 comments

Chris Klim Mock Draft 1.0

                For somewhere around 10 years now, I’ve been doing 1st round NFL mock drafts. Doing mock drafts are something I really enjoy. This is my first one of the year and this is all prior to free agents being signed or any trades that have happened, so as that happens things will change, but for now, here’s the first official Chris Klim mock draft.

  1. Cardinals-Q. Williams DT Alabama
  2. 49ers-J. Allen OLB Kentucky
  3. Jets-N. Bosa DE Ohio State
  4. Raiders-C. Ferrell DE Clemson
  5. Buccaneers-J. Williams OT Alabama
  6. Giants-G. Williams CB LSU
  7. Jaguars-D. Haskins QB Ohio State
  8. Lions-D. White ILB LSU
  9. Bills-N. Harry WR Arizona State
  10. Broncos-C. Ford OL Oklahoma
  11. Bengals-D. Metcalf WR Ole Miss
  12. Packers-R. Gary DE Michigan
  13. Dolphins-K. Murray QB Oklahoma
  14. Falcons-J. Simmons DT Mississippi State
  15. Redskins-A. Brown WR Ole Miss
  16. Panthers-D. Thompson S Alabama
  17. Browns- E. Oliver DT Houston
  18. Vikings-G. Little OT Ole Miss
  19. Titans-J. Tillery DT Notre Dame
  20. Steelers-D. Baker CB Georgia
  21. Seahawks-J. Taylor OT Florida
  22. Ravens- M. Brown WR Oklahoma
  23. Texans- B. Murphy CB Washington
  24. Raiders-D. Bush ILB Michigan
  25. Eagles- J. Love CB Notre Dame
  26. Colts-D. Lawrence DT Clemson
  27. Raiders-M. Sweat DE Mississippi State
  28. Chargers-J. Polite OLB Florida
  29. Chiefs-B. Burns DE Florida State
  30. Packers-D. Jones DT Ohio State
  31. Patriots-D. Lock QB Missouri
  32. Rams-Z. Allen OLB Boston College
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