NBA Possibly Returning?!

by Dante Gonzalez | Apr 30, 2020 | General | 0 comments

The NFL Draft has recently come to an end, Covid-19 cases are starting to die down, and the NBA SEASON MAY RETURN?! A tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski stated the NBA will allow all teams to re-open their practice facilities. While the original date was May 1, the Atlanta Hawks were not able to meet the deadline. Adrian Woj stated that the NBA practices will resume on May 8. This is the NBA’s first step to get the season to continue. Currently, it is not official on the NBA returning 100%, but with teams being able to practice soon, there is hope for us basketball fans to finally watch some games again.
Personally, I think the NBA will come back sooner than we think. With COVID-19 still lingering around, the NBA is not going to simply open arenas and go back to normal right away. There will be huge changes and precautions before any games or practices. When the virus began, the first notable player to get COVID-19 was Rudy Gobert. Then it was reported Rudy Gobert infected his teammate, Donovan Mitchell. As the weeks went by, other NBA players had to isolate themselves because they were infected too. Before the NBA can open up (during the pandemic) all players should be tested before practices begin.
With the days counting down to NBA practices opening, there are many questions that need to be answered. Since the sport includes everyone touching a ball and being physical defensively, would the NBA have players wear facemasks at all times? Will players need gloves and hand sanitizer at all times during practices and games? Will we get to see who the best team is in the 2019-2020 Corona season? All of our questions will be answered in the upcoming weeks, so stay home everyone!
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