“Mello Hopes He Is Rafter Worthy At MSG”

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Well Carmello Anthony didn’t take long on stating his thoughts and opinions on his number being honored at MSG. Mello played seven years with the Knicks, averaging about 24 points a game in his stint at MSG. He had more downs then ups in his time playing with the Knicks. So it wasn’t surprising recently, that Mello came out and said that he hope’s the organization will honor him when he retires at MSG. Lets look back at his career with the Knicks, he played seven years and made the playoffs three times. He earned two contracts with the Knicks, which he gross close to 200 million dollars. In the years with the Knicks he ran out of town more than mulitple coaches and players and didn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs more than one time. It didn’t matter what coach or what players he was playing with, he was a selfish and all about himself type of player. Mello when he was in New York was more about his brand than the team and sometimes showed that on the court with his lackadaisical play.

Maybe every time he made a three point shot he was telling the fans that he help the Knicks make the playoffs just three times. Whatever he was trying to say at that point and what he is trying to say now has no merit to the Knick fan. Here is what we do know, their are only 9 Knicks numbers hanging from the rafters at MSG and they’re all legends. The last Knick honored at MSG was the great Patrick Ewing and Mello has not earned the right to be the next knick to be honor at the world’s most famous arena. In conclusion Mello is a hall of famer and is one of the greatest offensive players in this era, with his lack of playoff runs with the Knicks and with his defensive woes. Anthony thoughts of being remembered as one of the greats at MSG will be forgotten as will the number 7 he wore because they never won.

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