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by Jeffrey Sampson | Apr 26, 2021 | General | 0 comments

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In the past few weeks, Stephen Curry has played the best couple of games this season, averaging 31.2 points per game. This type of performance is identical to his unanimous MVP season.

If anything, this season is almost a better scoring season than his 2015-2016 MVP season.

Although his 3 point percentage is low compared to his MVP year, he’s taking more threes since he has to carry most of the workload with shooting guard Klay Thompson out for the season. Right now, curry is shooting 42.5% from three and which is about 3% lower compared to his MVP season when he shot 45.4%.

Curry from three is something NBA fans are all used to by now but did you know that he’s shooting better from the mid-range as well? Well, if you didn’t, now you know. Right now, Curry is shooting 57.5% from mid. He’s also averaging 5.1 defensive rebounds and 5.6 total rebounds, his highest season average.

Mind you; he’s doing this good with only 52 games played. He’s barely in the MVP conversation, but fans can only imagine what the MVP leaderboard would be like if he played more than just 52 games.

Not to mention he recently broke Kobe Bryant’s 30 plus 11 game streak, and today he currently has made the most threes in any month in NBA history.

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Curry is truly an inspiration and a once-in-a-lifetime player, and next season he will bean MVP again.

Curry has always been a consistent player since 2012.He’s averaged around 20 to 30 points every season and always shot about 40% from the three, except last year with him only playing five games before his injury.

With the number of threes he’s taken in his career, Curry has a career average of 8.5 attempted threes per game with a 43.4% career three-point percentage. Compared to now the second greatest shooter of all time, Ray Allen, whose career average is 5.7 attempts and a 40% three-point percentage.

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On top of that, Curry averages more points and assist than Allen. Although these two had a different career path, it’s stupid to say Curry isn’t a better shooter than Jesus Shuttlesworth himself.

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