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On the latest edition of Monday night Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal to successfully defend his World Heavyweight Championship, but he potentially suffered a loss much greater than any title defeat. According to Wade Keller of PWTorch.com, Rollins had a real knee injury during the match, which required medical attention and caused him to limp visibly backstage. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, there will be an MRI where the results will determine the extent of the damage done to Rollins knee. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select stated the WWE would have more information regarding the injury very shortly once the MRI results came back. It would be disastrous for WWE and the man himself to lose their workhorse champion for any length of time, much less have to go into WrestleMania 40 without one of the competitors that would provide the foundation for a major plot point on the show. It is impossible to avoid envisioning what WrestleMania might look like without The Visionary, even in the absence of an official diagnosis or an estimate of how much time Rollins may miss.
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CM Punk was widely expected to face the world champion at WrestleMania ever since he first entered the ring at Survivor Series in Chicago, when he was greeted by the cheers of his local audience and simultaneously infuriated Rollins to the extent of a screaming fit. Little clues here and there have continued to sow the seeds for the confrontation, and a heated promo showdown between the two further raised the anticipation for the match at WrestleMania.

Until Rollins provides an update, this is all pure speculation. However, if he is forced to miss the biggest show of the year, Triple H and WWE Creative will have to find a replacement for both CM Punk and the World Heavyweight Championship, which The Revolutionary would probably have to give up in that case. Because he hasn’t yet main event WrestleMania, a story he hopes to wrap in Philadelphia, and because of his enormous star power, Punk probably remains a crucial piece in that equation.

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Speaking of CM Punk finishing his story at WrestleMania, there is someone else who’s story could greatly benefit if Rollins is sidelined for the big event. Rumors have been circulating that The Rock will face Roman Reigns in an incredible dream match when he enters the ring for the first time since 2013. This may take Cody Rhodes out of the main event title scene. This rumor could set up The American Nightmare to be finishing his story elsewhere, for perhaps a different title at WrestleMania… Cody Rhodes is the most obvious and sensible superstar to replace Rollins should he be held out due to injury. As one of the company’s faces, Rhodes is a work horse who continues to make appearances long after the show concludes. It makes sense to put him in a position where he can challenge Rollins for the title if necessary, and it also gives Rhodes the opportunity to finish out his story by winning the title that his father, Dusty Rhodes, was never able to win. Additionally, it sets up an easy feud with a returning Rollins, who can object to his opponent winning the championship and even go so far as to say that The Visionary’s lack of opportunity to complete his own story is the only reason Rhodes was able to finish his.
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Seth Rollins has done everything that you want to see a champion do in the WWE. He works every Monday night on RAW, frequently leaves the building as the main event attraction, attends all of the live events, and has successfully defended his World Heavyweight Championship more times in the last month than Roman Reigns has successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the previous six months. He is what you would call a fighting champion. He has dedicated himself to his character on film, is among the best workers in the business, and has earned this title of champion. It would be a huge disappointment for a guy who fought his way back to the top of the card to possibly have to give it up, as he did ten years ago following a devastating knee injury that occurred during his first heel turn and forced him to miss the biggest show of the year. Rollins has earned the chance to see his title reign through to its conclusion with one of the main matchups at WrestleMania, just as much as Punk, Rhodes, and even Drew McIntyre have earned the right to finish their storylines and see their respective dreams come true. Whether or not he’ll get to do that, only time will tell.
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