Let’s Talk Jets Fans

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There is one group of people on this planet (In the sports world, don’t cancel me) that has dealt with more adversity, more heartbreak, and more suffering than nearly any other group in the world: Jets fans. Seriously folks, Jets fans have endured being the brunt of the joke for decades. We have had incompetent leadership for decades. We have had terrible coaching for decades, with bright spots here and there that never last. We have had 2 franchise QB’s since Namath in O’Brien and Pennington, but injuries ultimately ended Pennington’s reign in New York. We Jets fans have been kicked around, laughed at, ridiculed and dismissed for 51 years. Is there any wonder why Jets fans are now terrified of success? Yes, I said what I said people, but hear me out here. I personally enjoy several Jets fan Facebook groups and for the most part, I enjoy going into those groups and having the best conversations ever with my fellow Jets brethren. But we all know, every now and then, we see the fan that simply can’t accept when it is time to pull the plug on a particular player or what trade should be made. These people suffer from a fear of greatness because we haven’t had it ever as Jets fans really. We have one Super Bowl win, nothing we can really call sustained greatness so who could expect the average Jets fan to know how to behave here? And though I disagree with this particular group of fans, they are Jets fans nonetheless and are worthy of being my Recon Mission today for Weapons Hot. These fans are fiercely loyal to particular players, almost to the point where they are player fans over team fans. Sam Darnold has such a cabal of followers. And why not? Darnold is a good human being. Humble and respectable. But he very much has his issues on the field. And I’m not talking about coaching or surrounding talent. I am talking about Sam Darnold issues. We all know what they are so I am not getting into that for this article. But nevertheless, the Darnold faithful run to his aid any time there is a doubter speaking up. But these fans need to understand when enough is enough. That the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back. The fact of the matter is, the Jets need a new answer at QB and it needs to happen now. Not next year, not strike 4, now. I’m speaking to these fans here, my friends, in the immortal words of CJ DeSimone, the Jets need to start making big boy football decisions. That means we need to spend some draft capital on a QB. That means we need to spend some cap space for an edge rusher or an IOL. That means we have to cut the fat like Alex Lewis, Greg Van Roten, Henry Anderson, Sam Darnold. It hurts but these pieces don’t fit our Jets puzzle. And if we are going to put this puzzle together efficiently, quickly and with quality, we have to make hard decisions. More importantly, you can’t make these decisions based on fear. I’ve read comments saying “What if we trade all these picks for Watson and he gets hurt?” or “What if we trade Darnold and he goes somewhere and balls out?!” My answer: So?! Who cares if Darnold does well somewhere else? I WANT that for him. And yes, injuries are always a risk, but if you GM based on injury possibility, you will NEVER succeed. We are the most passionate fans in the world. We are the fiercest group of insane fans that any team in any sport has ever seen. And I mean every last one of us. No disrespect to any of the fans I have spoken about today, you are no less a fan than I am, but you need to open your mind more to what the team needs to do. At the end of the day, we all want what we feel is best for the team and we need to have these disagreements and fights about what exactly that path is. It’s how we find common ground and expose each other to new ideas and new mindsets. I may not change your mind, you may not change mine, but we now know more of where the other is coming from and we grow as a family that way. So let me say, this article needed to be said, but it is in no way me showing a lack of respect for anyone’s opinions or Jets positions. Stay Green Jets family!
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