Legacy Water Club Chief Culture Officer Rae Lyn Ciccone Shares Her Story On The Brian Barth’s Sports Fans Promotions Show With Tommy DeVito SR. And Lexy DeVito Live At River Rock

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The Story of the Podcast

Well just a single Mom to a boy who plays high school football, I have followed the DeVito story with admiration and pure heart from afar. As I cooked my weekly chicken cutlets for my own son, I admired the Cinderella story and related to Lexy as if she were another football Mom I sat next to on the sidelines with.

I reached out to her, and we connected remotely for a little while, I shared some posts, commented, and cheered as her son grew into “Tommy Cutlets.” No one had any influence in our connection it was just a Mom reaching out to another Mom cheering each other along the way.

Her son (Tommy Cutlets) was a boy in our backyard, one who lived only a couple of towns away, we had the same culture, spoke the same slang, and honestly had a familiar hand gesture that brought light and laughter to our home, we loved everything about it.

Then I attended an event that my company donated to that Guy Madsen ran benefiting the Tunnel of Towers called The Pizza Bowl at Redd’s in Carlstadt, NJ, and while there I finally had the privilege to meet Lexy in person. This was a great day filled with amazing food to eat and giving back 2 of my favorite things to do.

She was at a table with some mutual friends, so it was a great opportunity to introduce myself and express how happy I was to finally meet her in person. Then we laughed and talked Mom talk and it all grew from there. She was warm, friendly, approachable, and most importantly remembered that as Moms we all had so much more in common than sets us apart.

I had an opportunity to talk shop and attend a couple of social fun events with her and in conversations mentioned that one of my part-time jobs was being a co-host/anchor on a sports podcast with Brain Barth from the Sports Fan Promotions show. I went on to share how inspired I was by her story personally and asked if she would be open to being a guest on the show and doing a podcast with us one day.

In one meeting we discussed details, she met with Brian Barth and talked to Big Tommy, and we found a date that worked, a location that Brian knew, and the next thing you knew it was done. Now Lexy and Tommy are asked for a million things every day, so I am grateful that she chose us for this privilege, it was an honor I didn’t take lightly and she knew I was just another mom wanting to share the story with parents that may be in the kitchen cooking chicken cutlets for their kids too.

So on Friday, April 19, 2024, Brian and I hosted a podcast with Tommy and Lexy called “A Parent’s Journey To The NFL” It was a fun light-hearted event that ran out of time but with the help of Lexy’s beautiful friend tribe we were able to create an amazing fundraiser and in a couple of hours we were able to raise $2,000.00 to go to Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

Wow, what started as a simple Mom connection to an idea then a podcast, and then a pay-if-forward initiative was not only a memory I will remember but treasure forever as my son was able to join us to present the check to Shriners Hospital. This family is one of a kind, they are humble, open, and honest. I always say it you meet the kid you meet the parents, and it is no wonder that this kid from NJ who still lives at home has made a household name for himself. As he inspires us with hand gestures and chicken cutlets there are mom cheers from across the state and country growing in numbers thanking Tommy and this family for a relatable good role model to call our own.

So that’s it really just 2 Moms that connected, shared, and came together to do good for more kids, it’s really how some of us do it so right because at the end of the day it is always all about the kids and we all should remember we have much more in common than sets us apart.

Cheers to Tommy DeVito (aka Tommy Cutlets) and The DeVito Family we are all cheering for you from afar you have become the little Italian boy from the neighborhood that made it, thank you for the inspiration.

Here is the link to full show.

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