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(Baltimore Ravens flopping as they normally do)

Another year, another crumbling playoff run by the overrated Baltimore Ravens. Earlier this year I heard some pundits even say this team was better than the one that won the Super Bowl last: the one with Ray Lewis, Terell Suggs, and Joe Flacco. I’m sorry but if saying nonsense is how you get on TV, no wonder I’m still a writer. Crap opinions like that on impressionable people is dangerous.

In all seriousness, this was the biggest number-one seed fluke in the history of the NFL, even worse than the Atlanta Falcons 16-0 season. When will people learn that Lamar Jackson cannot and will not EVER be able to win a Super Bowl, but no let’s give him the MVP award because that’s how far the credibility of the award has degraded.

(Lamar Jackson failing again)

And for people saying he should win it, WHY? Why should he win it? What did he do (apart from running the ball) that was astronomically better than someone like Jordan Love? Low ranked (15th) in passing yards, passing TDs (11th), and 4th in QBR, but let’s give this average at-best QB the award. Oh but, but, he won a playoff game. CONGRATULATIONS! He now has the same amount of playoff wins as Dak Prescott who is constantly torn down by the media.

And don’t get me started on Zay Flowers. Proving your age on the biggest stage is embarrassing. Taunting? Really? You can’t just play your ball without being a nonce? Then diving for the goal line because OBVIOUSLY the game was on the line and this was the last play that mattered. Idiotic.

All I’m saying is John Harbaugh needs to retire. Not for anything he did, but to preserve the coaching legacy he created so that these bunch of prats taint it for future generations to see.

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