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JOE NO!(CBSSportsHQ via Twitter)
Joe cool has had the postseason at his mercy this year, betting against the Las Vegas Raiders, out-muscling the Titans, and pulling rank on the Chiefs, he is looking to lead his team in the Super Bowl to block the Rams. Burrow has shown his arm strength and his elusiveness when escaping Frank “the tank” Clark in Arrowhead to continue the drive so the Bengals could roar for another day.

Joey franchise is gonna again step out as an underdog, as he has been throughout the playoffs, and with the weapons he has, it’s about time they get the respect they deserve. Ja’Marr Chase, who will undoubtedly be the Offensive rookie of the year, Tee Higgins who is the secret weapon in crunch time, and Joe Mixon who pounds the ground harder than Tyson vs. Holyfield, the weapons at his disposal make for a mouthwatering clash.

The thing is getting those weapons into play when you got a man by the name of Aaron Donald who needs at least two people to guard him, and for Joe, his legs are gonna have to be utilized more than he may have wanted to. That Bengals O-Line that gave up 9 sacks against the Titans, 51 during the regular season, which was the most this season, will have their work cut out for them against this Rams D-Line.

(FOXSPORTS via YouTube)
Aaron Donald, the biggest name on the defense, but this team is a UNIT. Donald, Von Miller, Leonard Floyd, and Jalen Ramsey who has made it clear he wants to mark Chase for the final, this is gonna be a true game of offense vs. defense.

Let’s not forget the guy on the other side of the spectrum compared to Burrow; Matthew Stafford. Stafford is finally showing his worth and it is because he is in an organization where he has help not named Kenny Golladay or Calvin Johnson. He has the #1 target in football Cooper Kupp, Odell Beckham Jr, and a returning Cam Akers to help pull that Rams team to the ultimate goal.

Protection will be a bit weak with Andrew Whitworth trying to shake off a continuous knee issue but should be ready for the final. The Bengals have a recipe that they’ve been using which ends with the statement “this is why you draft a kicker.” That has been the phrase for the last couple of weeks by the Cincinnati twitter admin and they are right. Leaving it to someone who has ice in his veins to knock through anything between 20-65 yards the message is clear; DO NOT LET IT COME DOWN TO A FIELD GOAL.

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