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Jamal Adams is the type of player that you dream of having on your team. His jersey sells, he’s flashy, he’s non-controversial, and above all else, he’s a very good football player. Since being drafted by the Jets 6th overall in 2017 Adams has dominated the league. He’s emerged as a perennial pro-bowler and a top tier safety. Throughout his young career the LSU product has shown his ability to play both the run and pass effectively but, last year Adams added the pass rush to his arsenal. Adams’ 6.5 sacks proved that he could blitz at a high level for safety.
The modern-day safety has evolved and is asked to play in the box as a linebacker and in coverage as a traditional defensive back. Adams does both of these very well. Pro Football Focus (PFF) graded Adams at an 89.8, the second-highest of any safety in the league.
Traditionally big-time players get paid big-time money. Jamal Adams is a big-time player who has yet to be paid his big-time money. Currently, Adams is entering the 4th year of his rookie deal that could be extended if the Jets pick up his 5th year option. With the way he’s played I think it’s safe to say the option will be picked up. However, it’s not unusual for players of Adams’ pedigree to earn a big extension before his rookie deal ends. Players such as Tyron Smith and JJWatt signed extensions entering their 4th year in the league among many others. Adams has stated that he’d like to get a deal done to stay with the Jets. JoeDoulas the Jets GM even said that he wants Adams to be a “Jet for Life” and Adams responded that he’d “like to be a Jet for life too”. The mutual interest is there, the performance level is there but, why isn’t the contract?
Douglas went on the record to state that the 2020 Free Agency period and the 2020 Draft were his top priorities. As a result of this Adams has announced that he will be holding out of the offseason program in hopes of getting his extension. This situation would have completely been avoided had the Jets paid Jamal Adams. He’s worth every penny and more.
This isn’t the first contentious period between Adams and the Jets. Around last seasons’ trade deadline Adams was shopped around by Jets management. This ordeal created a temporary rift between management and Adams, a rift that seemed repaired until now. Jamal Adams alike many Jet fans including myself believe that he should be paid now. Adams is an elite safety and should be compensated as such. In twenty years when you think of the New York Jets, you should think of Vince Lombardi trophies and Jamal Adams hoisting them. Jamal Adams can be the ultimate Jet and should be a Jet for life.
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