It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For the NFL)!

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That’s right, folks! It’s here – the most wonderful time of the year (for the NFL, of course)! Oh, yeah… and it’s the holiday season too. Got all your shopping done? Do you still actually physically go shopping, or are you Amazon only now? Well, regardless of how you shop, or which holiday you celebrate, there’s one gift we’re all eager to open this holiday season – the NFL playoffs, baby! Sure, there exciting things going on in the NHL and NBA, even the Yankee fans received a little Cole in their stockings this winter… but there’s nothing quite like football in January.
So, like kids on Christmas Eve, we anxiously wait for the NFL playoff picture to become a little more clear. And while there are still some seedings to be sorted out, and a team or two still battling for a division or wildcard spot, we have a good idea of who’s in and who’s out. I for one can’t wait to see some of these playoff games. There are so many combinations of potential match ups that would be such a joy to watch. You could make a case for almost all of the teams to make a run to the Super Bowl!
Let’s look at the AFC. Obviously, what the Ravens have done this season has been incredible, would anybody be shocked if they went the distance? Lamar Jackson is the front runner for MVP, doing things we haven’t seen since the likes of Michael Vick… and doing it better! And then there’s the cheatin’ Pats, the defending champs, seemingly always in the Super Bowl. Bellicheck and Brady are still there along with their great defense, so obviously we can’t count them out. Then there’s the Chiefs, who seem to just be hitting their stride, getting healthier, playing much better defense (they even added Terrell Suggs, who will likely make a huge impact for that defense)… they came inches away from beating the Pats and making it to the big game last year! And, while less likely, it’s not outrageous to think that the Texans could put together a run. Heck, they’ve already beaten the Pats this season, they have their own version of Lamar Jackson in Deshaun Watson who can do plenty of spectacular things on the football field as well.

And what about the NFC? Of course we have the Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson who will have something to say about the MVP vote. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Pete Carrol and Russ back in the big game. How about the Saints? They feature the (currently speaking) all time leader in passing touchdowns in Drew Brees, with the bitter taste in their mouths of last year’s non pass interference call in the NFC Championship Game against the Rams. I could easily see Sean Payton and Brees back in the Super Bowl. Then there’s the 49ers – coached by a brilliant offensive mind in Kyle Shanahan, to go along with an impressive defense. Can’t forget about the Packers, led by an innovative young coach and of course, the discount double check himself, Aaron Rodgers. And, you never know, a team like the Cowboys or Vikings, who each might have just played their best games of the season, could get hot and make a run.

Who will go the distance? I won’t even bother making a prediction. All I know is that (the Super Bowl) will feature two well coached, star studded teams that will put it all on the line for our entertainment. I expect a lot of action, a lot of points, and a very physical game, regardless of the teams that represent their respective conferences. After all, anything will be better than last year’s miserable game. Okay, fine. Ravens vs. Seahawks, Ravens win 42-34. Happy holidays, and enjoy football!
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