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CBD & Probiotics

Promotes Physical and Mental Equilibrium

Champion your immune system with the patent pending series of CBD & Probiotic Beverages. CBD fights inflammation while probiotics aid digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Cultivate a calm and consistent energy with Canabix!

Canabix and the Immune System Connection

It’s no secret that our fast-paced lives have had an impact on our health. With less time to focus on a proper diet, exercise and rest, we often feel tired and need something to give us a little extra energy. Caffeine and sugary snacks can give us that quick boost we need, but it burns up quickly and we reach for more.

This can turn into a vicious cycle. The energy we gain from cheap fuel is artificial and leaves us more depleted. Our digestive system suffers, and in turn all parts of the body suffer.

There’s a reason when people go through a painful experience, whether mental or physical, that they say they feel like they’ve been punched in the gut.”

Researchers have discovered that the brain-gut connection is much more important than previously recognized. Not only is it the primary location of our immune system, but important neurotransmitters that were previously thought to be produced only in the brain are produced in our digestive system.

When we fail to take care of our digestive system, we wind up with gut issues that force us to pay attention.
In 2015, the Journal of Digestive Health printed statistics that included “74% of Americans are living with digestive issues that impact their lives daily.”

Stress and poor diet leads to inflammation and the gut’s inability to absorb nutrients or break down food properly. Toxins and chemicals in the environment increase inflammation and make us more vulnerable to different bacteria and viruses when we travel. Most people are very familiar with antibiotics and vaccinations while the immune system that is so central to our being often remains a mystery to most well into maturity.

CANABIX was created in response to these issues and as a natural way to strengthen the immune system.

In 2014, Internationally known Immunologist and Cancer Research Scientist , Dr. Babak Baban, Ph.D., M.P.H., MBA, FAHA, became one of the select few to receive a license from the DEA to do medical research with Cannabis and CBD.

Dr. Baban has spent over 25 years researching and working with other scientists from around the world on many health issues. He knows how the immune system works as our first line of defense from both bacterial and viral attacks and how it responds to each.

Dr. Baban’s work with CBD gave him the opportunity to see firsthand the ability CBD has to fight inflammation.
His work with probiotics had already shown how the use of probiotics impacted the immune system, and how inflammation interfered with the process and made them less effective. His research with the combination of CBD and probiotics in tandem showed that the probiotics were much more powerful when the inflammation was removed.

Dr. Baban used this discovery to create formulas for a series of flavorful waters, teas, and yogurt drinks that not only taste good, but bring all the benefits of both CBD and Probiotics to enjoy. These unique formulas are in the final stages of patent process.

Our Products

Made with the highest quality and functional grade hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and the most useful probiotics, our carefully curated selection of water and dairy based beverages are naturally flavorful and refreshing.  In combination with colonies of useful bacteria (Probiotics), each drink offers a unique advantage and taste. 

At standard dose we’ve vetted and tested each drink to endure safety, quality and functional effectiveness. Our process of making our patent pending CBD/Probiotic beverages has two simple principles: high quality and safe function.  Our beverages are processed simply, the water is filtered, tea brewed, and yogurt prepared, then they are infused with CBD and enriched with Probiotics. 

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it doesn’t provide the “high” that users get from marijuana.  Instead, it’s intended to provide the wellness benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering effects. The probiotic component provides better digestion and helping re-establish balance and homeostasis in our body.

Our Products

1. Optimizes GI Function
2. Ensures maintenance of healthy body weight through a healthy diet and active lifestyle
3. Helps prevent metabolic syndrome and related chronic diseases
4. Maximizes support for cellular components of tissues

Beneficial Effects on the GI Tract

Digestion Only?

Although our products have focused on the impact it has on the digestive tract and the immune system, the health benefits are much broader. It has many benefits for the Central Nervous System and for people suffering with ADHD giving them better cognition and better mood. CBD has also been proven to help those suffering with anxiety and insomnia.